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A seafood

restaurant with a difference, Sammach is a striking, nautically-themed eatery which serves a vast variety of the finest fresh seafood. The unique fish market experience allows guests to hand pick their seafood which is then prepared exactly as they desire.

A wide variety catches of the day, Hammour, Red snapper, Sultan Ibrahim, Zubiedy, Sole fish, Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters, Cigaly and Mussels are available here. One can choose their favorite fish from the display boats and preferred ways of cooking including: Char-grilled, Grilled with Vegetables, Fried, Tajines Served with Sammach with signature spices.

This seafood restaurant

has a terrace overlooking the Dubai Fountainand that makes it very popular spot. Inside the restaurant diners can see white and blue decor with bits of bright shades. There’s a fish counter, which is stocked with fresh catch. The non-fish counter dishes are also available on the menu. The dishes are mostly with Arabic-influenced with fish and chips, fried calamari and ‘fancy’ fish fingers. It’s all very exciting and the view is good. Sammach has a location, with ringside seats to the spectacular Dubai Fountain. The regular water show performances provides good entertainment, which is a good thing. Diners who are planning to order à la carte, may enjoy a good selection. The fresh seafood market is packed with massive fish. A great option is the mixed grill, which can be modified to suit preferences, while a good selection of hot and cold mezze is recommended. Seafood varies right from snappers and tiger prawns to delectable calamari, all prepared within eye-view of the creative chef.

Diners can also opt for after dinner treats with a select from a host of Lebanese sweets from the dessert menu. One can pick from the catch of the day and watch while a Lebanese chef prepares the dishes. The restaurant is a favorite for families and friends alike.

Diners are welcome to Sammach, the finest fresh seafood restaurant has branches in Souk Al Bahar Dubai Mall, Beach Center Jumeirah St and at Al Khan, Sharjah Aquarium.

Contact: Sammach Level 2, Souk Al Bahar Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 426 7311 Web:

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