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Rue Royale

Rue Royale


French restaurant – Rue Royale from Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Viannay is located at The Pointe. Offering creative French dining experience, it is combined with Middle Eastern cuisine.

Savour sumptuous food prepared by Two Michelin stars chef Mathieu Viannay at Rue Royale. The team serves a French dining experience combined with the best culinary heritage of Middle East, a creative and surprising combination for a signature dining experience. The relaxed ambience is inspired by a French courtyard, offering a sophisticated dining scenery combining the sculptural and typical architecture prevalent in the French countryside.


an open view of the creative kitchen, Rue Royale is a place where true French culinary art is revealed. The high-end French restaurant is called Rue Royale by Mathieu Viannay is a new destination at the tip of The Palm. Named after the street upon which two-Michelin star la Mere Brazier, foodies are hopeful that a few of the dishes from La Mere Brazier make it to Dubai.

Rue Royale joins the already opened seafood spot Seafood Kitchen, German export Chicago Meatpackers and Chalet Berezka, an Eastern European restaurant promising daily live entertainment and a shish license until 05:00 on weekends.


iconic new waterfront destination – The Pointe offers unparalleled dining, entertainment and leisure. Located at the tip of the world-famous Palm Jumeirah, across the bay from Atlantis The Palm, The Pointe is a picturesque, relaxing arena with more than 80 restaurants, shops and attractions including dining, retail and entertainment outlets.

The Pointe is a centre-piece that is a spectacular fountain display which will attracts visitors with spectacular shows that can be viewed from The Pointe’s assorted range of waterfront dining spots. The Pointe is a dazzling destination for dining and entertainment at The Palm Jumeirah. The Pointe brings a new energy to the landscape of Dubai by providing visitors with limitless choices, vibrant experiences and great views.

Contact: Rue Royale Palm Jumeirah – The Pointe Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 241 2828 Web:


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