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Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan

is an incredible, new and distinctive landmark in the United Arab Emirates. A palace filled with knowledge, contributing to the world a first-of-its-kind insight into the Arab heritage and the governing principles that shaped the history of the United Arab Emirates and its vision to the future.

Qasr Al Watan is more than just a palace, it is an enriching journey in a contemporary setting that reveals and reflects on governance, knowledge and craftsmanship.

The Palace offers a unique opportunity to understand and marvel at majestic hallways that is sure to leave all with a meaningful experience, explore exhibitions that celebrate the region’s rich Arabic heritage. People can and learn more about the rulers and governing institutions that shaped our great nation.

Visitors will also gain a deeper appreciation of the innovations that will drive the country’s future. The artistry and architecture are marvelous and ass the beauty of Arabian craftsmanship. They delve into the region’s artistic contributions and create traditional calligraphy on interactive screens. Qasr Al Watan Library explores centuries of human knowledge in a vast collection of books focusing on the culture, development and achievements of the United Arab Emirates. Visitors can join the team as they light up the night with a spectacular light and sound show. A story told in three acts about the past, present, and the future vision of the nation. About governance and spirit of collaboration – people can gain a deeper understanding about the rulers and governing institutions that has shaped the great nation, both past and present.


admission ticket gives access to the Qasr Al Watan Tour, the Gardens, Visitor Centre and all zones, exhibitions and public spaces within the Palace and Gardens. People can gain access to this tour they need to purchase a Palace & Garden Ticket. Trips will be directed by a dedicated tour guide (Arabic & English). Visitors will be provided with a Wireless Whisper System for the duration of the tour. There is a maximum capacity of 20 visitors per tour. The tour duration is approximately 60 mins. Visitors can book tickets onsite or pre-book tickets online and select the date and time of the tour, depending on availability. For late arrivals, there is an option to reschedule, subject to the Duty Manager’s discretion.

Hours: Everyday: 10:00 – 20:00 *Palace Operating hours: 10:00 – 19:00

Contact: Qasr Al Watan Al Ras Al Akhdar Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. P.O. Box: 128717 Tel.: +971 600 544442 Web:

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