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Project Chaiwala

Project Chaiwala

The Project Chaiwala

project chaiwala

Project Chaiwala presently serves in a location well-known for the best art in UAE and the world over – Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai area, bringing the vision of a welcoming, neighbourhood chai spot to life. The home-grown tea shop, which started out tucked away in independent film hub Cinema Akil in Dubai’s

project chaiwala

Project Chaiwala can be explored by the shoppers and visitors at any time of the day or night. Project Chaiwala’s chilli-cheese toast is also served in another branch in the city in which to relish the spicy bite. The team is looking forward to serving guests at the new venue and hope that it will be the ideal setting for a catch up over a quick bite. This creative space over a cup of tea will let the ideas flowing.

Project Chaiwala uses only ethically-sourced ingredients from organic tea gardens, and its menu takes inspiration

project chaiwala

Other drinks on the menu include masala chai, zaffarani chai and matcha latte. Diners can have beverages alongside that famed chili-cheese toast and can also get peanut butter and Nutella chai toast, or avocado and eggs chai toast. Foodies can dig into an assortment of fresh and delicious wraps and salads.

Project Chaiwala restaurant has plenty of natural light as well as comfortable sofas and booths for privacy and and work meetings. Guests are all ages are welcome to try-out various offers by the motivated team.

Hours: Sun – Thurs: 08:00 – 20:00 Fri – Sat: 09:00 – 18:00

Contact: Project Chaiwala Dubai Media City Building 7 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 526 0859 Web:

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