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pawsome pets

As the company’s reputation grew, they began to receive enquiries directly from pet parents so decided to take the plunge, two feet and all paws, to expand and Pawsome Pets was born. They are a luxury hotel for cats and dogs in Dubai. The home away from home for your feline friend.

Pawsome Pets is an independent British-owned pet relocation company based in Dubai. They are the only opening of its latest venture – the UAE’s very first luxury hotel for cats. Allow your pets to roam free as the space is spread over a 4,000 sq ft area and located in Dubai’s Al Quoz. This cat hotel offers home away from home for your feline friend.



Pet owners and animal lovers the team believes in providing relocation and logistical support. They view every animal as extremely precious cargo. They go above and beyond for your pets’ well-being and safety. From

Pawsome Pets

​The company has become members of IPATA and ATA, global organisations whose primary focus is the safe and ethical transportation of pets around the world. The team are extremely proud to share the values these organisations.

Contact: Pawsome Pets 26th St – Al QuozAl Quoz Industrial Area 4 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 50 465 9127 Web:


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