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Myrra By Opa Opens On Dubai S Palm Jumeirah

MYRRA by OPA opens on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah



Housed on the busy strip, the ideal destination is great for a family get together, the warm and stylish setting also has a dedicated kids’ play area. The family-friendly restaurant will welcome guests of all ages with the option to sit amidst the picture-perfect interiors or outdoors overlooking the shoreline.

MYRRA is set up in a buzzing area that is known for high foot fall and activities as it also housed by Breeze, Ras Beach Vibes, Lebanese seafood spot Ibn AlBahr, MYRRA is serving up. Enjoy the tastes of Greece and Spanish delicacies at MYRRA by OPA at Club Vista Mare on the Palm. Myrra


Myrra by Opa’s menu will contain popular dishes from both Greek and Spanish cuisines, offering a taste of the Mediterranean in Dubai. Their special menu lays focus on unique flavours that add to the sense of island nostalgia, and intricate detailing and presentation, promising a gala feast for all of the senses. Enjoy the experience, Myrra by Opa brings out nostalgia and unique flavours from Greece and Spain. The fresh and succulent dishes will be presented and it’s bound to cater to your cravings.

Myrra by Opa


Have a bite and relish dishes that combine Greek and Spanish cuisines and present delectable flavours that transcend guests to the shores of the islands.

Myrra by Opa has the history of Myrra that has an enchanting story. In Greek mythology, the Myrr tree was a creation from Myrra, an immortal woman, who was transformed into a tree for her own protection against her father. The word Mira is of Latin origin and means ‘wonderful’, ‘peace’ and ‘prosperous’, and in the Spanish language it means ‘look!’.

Myrra is the perfect dining spot that is mysterious and a stunning space!

A premium waterfront dining and beach club facility, Club Vista Mare is one of the Palm Jumeirah’s most popular destinations for both residents and tourists. It covers close to 50,000 square feet at ground level, with an additional 30,000 square feet of residential space on the first floor. Upscale lifestyle and dining destinations serve a range of Middle Eastern, Italian, Ethiopian and other cuisines. Each restaurant has indoor and outdoor terrace seating, with a few featuring space directly on the beach.

Contact: MYRRA by OPA Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Palm Jumeirah Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 770 1433 Web:


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