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Miraj Islamic Art Centre

Miraj Islamic Art Centre

A venue to learn and experience the culture and heritage of the Islamic art world, Miraj Islamic Art Centre introduces a variety of ways. With various changing exhibits and displays, Miraj is the place to experience inspirational learning. Miraj Islamic Art Centre is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, close to Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Miraj Islamic Art Centre is a unique blend: a museum, showroom and a showcase for creative art forms from the world of Islam. Miraj takes the best creative art forms of last 500 years and combines them with cutting-edge design and techniques.

Miraj – Abu Dhabi, ‘The Museum’ was conceived and designed with being in close proximity of the Grand Mosque. The solemn atmosphere showcases the heritage and lifestyle of the people of Islam! This museum is ideal for Kings where history and time is frozen for posterity, where art coexists in total harmony with the cultural ethos of Abu Dhabi. MIRAJ – The Museum is next to the Hilton Abu Dhabi Capital Grand Hotel.

Miraj offers a place for secondary school and college students to obtain new and transferable knowledge, curiosity and inspiration from wide-ranging exhibits. These assortment are from free gallery-based sessions, curator talks and Graphic representations. Transcending geographical barriers and historical moorings, Islamic art and culture embraces a diversity reflects the spirit of its time. The place harmonises a legacy that covers across one fifth of the world’s populace; from Spain and Morocco to India and Indonesia.

MIRAJ Islamic Art Centre propagates Islamic heritage in the harsh arid lands of Arabia, the message of the prophet (PBUH) of Islam brings new hope to the hearts of men. Work is considered a form of worship, and art a celebration of divine beauty. The artists of the era combined the rich influences of Persian, Byzantine, Sassanian techniques, styles, and forms to create a virtual renaissance in the world of art, architecture, music and literature. Miraj Islamic Art Centre is a cornucopia of decorative splendours of the bygone era.


Daily – 09:00 – 19:00

Contact: Miraj Islamic Art Centre 582 Jumeirah St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 394 1084 Web:


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