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Merika Café

Merika Café



The main creation of this café is flavour-some and fresh chimney cakes which are served along with varied and delicious ice creams and pure coffee with pleasant aroma. Kürtőskalács or Chimney Cake is a traditional Hungarian cake, famous in Eastern Europe, which its popularity has been widespread around the world.

The café


The culture of Merika Café has its essence in the etymology of the word “culture,” i.e., “to cultivate.” The team contributes three percent of each bill to planting trees in every country that Merika opens a bakery café.

Merika Café creates a close-knit atmosphere where individuals,


Visitors can look forward to relaxing at this cafe with tranquil ambiance with eco-friendly services.

Contact: Merika Café Chimney Cake Factory LLC 701, Executive Bay Towers, Business Bay Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 240 9888 Cell: +971 587 6504 Fax: +971 424 098 88 Web:

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