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Masterchef The Tv Experience Restaurant To Open In April

‘MasterChef, the TV Experience’ restaurant to open in April

The arrival of the MasterChef concept in Dubai is awaited. The world’s first “MasterChef, the TV Experience” restaurant is due to open in April this year.

The restaurant will prepare the recipes and dishes for diners by the contestants and champions from various global shows of the reality TV show. Set up in the new Millennium Place Marina, the kitchen will be headed by Venezuelan-born chef Maria Vaamonde-Beggs. Vaamonde-Beggs has been busy preparing and developing the menu, and she will be the decision maker in which dishes, created by global MasterChef contestants and winners, will be on the menu.

The restaurant will be able to accommodate 180 guests, along with seating 60 more on its terrace. With interiors featuring an “industrial’ interior design” inspired by the recognisable setting of the TV series, along with a dedicated drinks bar.

Chef Vaamonde-Beggs has also launched Catch Dubai as sous chef, then moving to Catch LA as executive sous chef, and returning to Dubai as executive sous chef for Morimoto.

“Our entire objective has been to keep the entire experience focused on the food our culinary stars will create, while offering a casual and comfortable de-formalised dining atmosphere without excess trappings,” said Vice-President of F&B at The First Group Duncan Fraser-Smith.

“It will establish an emotional connection, through food, and nurture a passion for cooking at all levels of expertise across all ages and cultures, which is vital in a cosmopolitan hub such as Dubai.”

There’s another new restaurant by chef Costas Spiliadis coming up in Dubai at the end of the year, due to open at The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences. MasterChef is the world’s best cookery TV design. MasterChef was made by Franc Roddam. The First Group said it is looking to acquaint up with 40 unique and world-first eating ideas to the UAE by 2021.

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