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M Oishî


One of the best Ice Cream

shops in Dubai & UAE – M’OISHÎ is the leading Japanese ice-cream provider in the GCC, bringing fine taste of authentic luxury in exciting flavors.

Mochi ice cream is the rice dough wrapping an indulgent ice cream. The dough is a combination of rice flour, sugar, corn powder and water warmed and mixed to form a smooth dough.

M’OISHÎ concept is inspired by the Japanese Traditions and reflects the variety of its products in the design – colorful, authentic, and playful. The brand has various shops all over Dubai and incorporate all the Japanese elements in a small space. Mochi ice cream stores feature a bamboo led lighting with changing colors so it can create a visual excitement and public engagement. The different colors represent all the flavors of the Japanese ice cream and the rounded lights signify the shape of Mochi. 

M’OISHÎ is committed to delivering premium quality ice-cream that promises to gratify taste buds and satiate wildest cravings with every bite. The Japanese dessert experience is at its best with these treats.

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made by pounding glutinous rice into a paste and molding it into shapes which can be eaten right away or cured and dried for later use. Japanese farmers are said to eat mochi on cold winter days to increase their stamina. Samurai took mochi to the battlefield because it was easy to carry and to prepare. the sound of samurai pounding mochi was a sign that they were about to go into battle.

M’oishi at City walk II is located at Dubai Al Safe Street – City Walk Phase 2 Inside the mall on the valet entrance. M’oishi Outlet Village and M’oishi La Mer are two more branches of the reputed brand. For special events with a unique Japanese treat, the brand offers special prices as per quantities. M’OISHÎ is the leading Japanese ice-cream provider that offers HORECA (an abbreviation used in Europe for the food service industry. The term is a syllabic abbreviation of the words Hotel/Restaurant/Café Catering) as they supply to the finest Asian Restaurants in Dubai.

Contact: Moishi 33 Al Safa St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 429 8999, +971 52 273 4637 e-mail: Web:

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