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Luxury Swiss Chocolatier Confiserie SprüNgli Boutique Café Opens In The Dubai Mall

Luxury Swiss chocolatier Confiserie Sprüngli boutique & café opens in The Dubai Mall

Leading luxury

Swiss chocolatier Confiserie Sprüngli ,stand-alone boutique & café opens in The Dubai Mall following its huge successful launch at The Galleria Mall on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.

Confiserie Sprüngli, the Swiss heritage chocolatier expands in the UAE with its new boutique & café in the Fashion Avenue at The Dubai Mall. This is the chocolatier’s second branch opening in five months. Famous as one of the Top 10 World’s Best Chocolate Shops by National Geographic in 2016, Sprüngli offers exotic, artisan crafted products from Switzerland, including the renowned Sprüngli macaroon ‘Luxemburgerli’, to irresistible pralines & truffles; as well as their famous hot chocolate, aromatic coffee and tea. Sprüngli also features chocolates exclusive to its UAE customers, such as the coconut truffle or the Sprungli Logo praline in milk with an almond gianduja filling.

Marc Wirth, Managing Director of Sprüngli Middle East, comments

“We are incredibly excited to bring Sprüngli to Dubai Mall and are the only Swiss chocolate brand so far to have a presence in the world’s largest mall. We selected the new Fashion Avenue as our Dubai location to ensure we were aligned with brands that reflect our luxury and handcraft essence.”

“We are now building up brand awareness for Sprüngli in the UAE and ensuring people understand that our chocolates are a high-end product for consumers who enjoy the ‘finer things in life’.The quality of our products and services comes with the passion and dedication from our chocolatierswho deliver their best day in and day out. There is a lot of work behind each and every product and we can achieve consistency when we act as one throughout the company. All our products are still handcrafted in Switzerland with no use of industrial machines, to ensure we deliver the finest offering.”

The Sprüngli story started more than 180 years ago in 1836 when

David Sprüngli and his son Rudolf founded the Sprüngli & Son confectionery business in Switzerland. Since then, Sprüngli has played a major role in creating the reputation of quality Swiss chocolate around the world. The company is still as a pure family business by Milan and Tomas Prenosil who represent the sixth generation. Using only the finest ingredients, Sprüngli imports its products to Dubai and Abu Dhabi on a regular basis, ensuring that customers receive the same quality as in Switzerland. Apart from Switzerland, the UAE is the only country in the world where customers can purchase Sprüngli products. Sprüngli products are only exclusively available in their own boutiques. Sprüngli now operates sixteen sales outlets in and around Zurich eight more in Winterthur, Basel, Bern, St. Gallen, Zug and Geneva. In the UAE, Sprüngli is located at The Galleria Mall on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi and in the Fashion Avenue at The Dubai Mall in Dubai.

David Sprüngli founded “Sprüngli & Son” in 1836 and since then, the

small confectionery shop in Zurich’s old town has become a notable company with a an international resonance. Today Confiserie Sprüngli has a reputation as one of Europe’s confectionery producers and one of Switzerland’s most successful family businesses. Café & Boutique that is located in Dubai believes in serving high quality products – Confiserie Sprüngli choose basic ingredients and take it to processing, packaging, presentation and sales advice. Confiserie Sprüngli operates retail stores throughout Switzerland. The Café & Boutique in Dubai is the first store the company has opened abroad.

The Confiserie Sprüngli recipe is best quality prepared from the raw materials, processing and packaging to the in-store presentation and the advice they  give to the customer. The perfect product is always the focus. Handcrafted traditions are followed with modern methods in production. Along with the unique Luxemburgerli, the fresh daily offer includes irresistible praline and gateau creations, many seasonal specialities and gift ideas for every occasion.


products are all unique, fresh and natural. They are made fresh daily by trained employees using the best natural raw materials. Important raw materials such as cream, eggs, butter and milk are sourced from producers in the region. Confiserie Sprüngli buys the basic material for the chocolate products, the so-called couverture, from longstanding Swiss partners who process the cocoa beans according to their exceptional specifications and unique recipes.

Contact: Sprüngli  Dubai Mall Level 2, New Fashion Avenue Extension Downtown Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 344 3005 e-mail: Web:

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