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guests to ancient Egypt, Khofo is a unique restaurant with spell binding interiors. Diners can enjoy a meal and dine like pharaohs with a menu that is inspired by wholesome Egyptian flavors and ingredients.

Dubai has welcomed its first pharaonic restaurant, KHOFO in Al Seef.  Khofa is spread across 7,500 square meters. The attractive restaurant features majestic columns, hieroglyphic murals and Egyptian architectural cues throughout, conjuring up the palace of Khufu, who ruled Egypt during the Fourth Dynasty. At Khofo, guests can witness the ancient Egyptian design has been reimagined for a contemporary international audience. It has sleek surfaces, modish furniture and plenty of natural light. Their service is exceptional and waiters dressed up as the ancient pharaohs themselves.


has a large spread with casual dining menu including cold and hot appetizers, as well as soups, salads, stews, tajins, Mashawi, seafood, and desserts. Diners can start their day with an Egyptian breakfast composed of eggs, foul and falafel or try local Egyptian favourites like molokia (a soup made from mallow leaves), okra, oxtail soup, mahashi (assorted stuffed vegetables) and hawawshi (pita bread and minced meat). At KHOFO, guests can relish authentic, Egyptian-inspired dishes served up in a new setting and a modern style. The restaurant’s signature dishes are a surprise for all guests, providing them Egypt’s eclectic cuisine.

Majid Al Usaimi, Owner of KHOFO Restaurant, said, “KHOFO concept was incepted from our desire to offer the residents and visitors of Dubai a never seen dining experience and we hope to set ourselves apart by offering food-lovers an entirely innovative pharaonic concept.

“We pride ourselves for our friendly attentive service in a sophisticated yet welcoming environment which will undoubtedly take diners back to ancient Egypt. Our décor and food are both inspired by our unique approach to hospitality, wherein creativity, quality and distinctiveness are primary.”

Guests must visit the restaurant and feast like pharaohs.

Hours: Sun – Thurs: 08:00 – 02:00 Fri – Sat: 08:00 – 03:00

Contact: KHOFO  Al Seef, Bur Dubai Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4388 5005 Web:

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