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A unique

and creative expression via food, Inked is supported by people who are collectively guided by the 7th sense. They offer exceptional experiences lined up that remain distinctive with a strong passion for creativity.

Inked is set up in a space that is fully-fitted with equipment, artistic, and ultimate proficiency. The team gathers people, stories, and acquaintance that enhance experiences and lasting encounters. They arrange with genuine sentiments to construct moments that become memories, and each memory leaves its mark. Their distinct and matchless methods lie in things that are apparently paradoxical, but have a hidden harmony. The team prefers to venture into unusual spaces because they enjoy this challenge that they have set up for their clients.

Taking up contracts for private dinners, Inked allows all to privatize and

utilize their space for special lunch and dinner occasions. The team prepares and delivers a menu for any function, they facilitate all aspects of the occasion. Their space and creativity of the team provides a distinct, inventive and fully customized concept for private dinner and/or event. With a maximum of 120 guests, they can organize a private dinner experience that can be effortless for clients. If clients choose to take private dinner gathering to the next level, they can take the Chef’s table. Whilst clients and all guests settle around the kitchen counter, the Chef will be cooking, plating, and guiding them through their very own customised menu. This interactive and intimate addition to the private dinning experience allows a unique, inspiring and instructive event. Inked is fit for a wide range of events such as product launches, exhibitions, photo-shoots, gala dinners, private parties, press events, conferences, theatrical or corporate events, award ceremonies, corporate away-days and more.

Their main space is vast and unobstructed with a 9m (29ft)

ceiling with a skylight roof that provides natural daylight, or as we see it, a preservation of nature in a concrete world. The space is well appointed with WiFi, a sound system, soundproofing phonic isolation, a gallery wall with built-in digital projection and AV equipment. Additional amenities include a bar counter, a separate reception area, and an array of furniture and tableware that are flexible in their use, and tailored to suit requirements.

The mezzanine kitchen is skillfully created, multi-purpose 35 sq.m. (367 sq.ft.) space which can host events of both cooking and non-cooking employ. In front of the mezzanine kitchen is a 45 sq.m. (485 sq.ft.) event area which can also be used as an extension of space for a myriad of occasions including cocktail  receptions, personalized tastings, and team building cooking workshops. The event area can be used for both work and

hosting purposes.

Their private dining room is located on the mezzanine floor, the private dining room offers the perfect setting for private dinners, meetings, and workshops. With a seating capacity of 22 and is equipped with a flat screen TV, WiFi, and a sound system. They feature a floor-to ceiling glass facade that overlooks the main event space, the private dining room can be obstructed from view if required.

The types of services provided at INKED are directly tailored to the needs. Clients can take assistance in executing any event by outsourcing and managing suppliers, as well as handling the space coordination, logistics, and the food & beverage menu development. They can deal with concept creation, budget management, vendor and contract negotiations, supplier logistics (pre & post event), and a faint trail of pixie dust.

Contact: INKED 73 6th St Unit 57, Alserkal Avenue (find the cactus) Tel.: +971 5 845 1359 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. P.O. BOX: 211322 e-mail: Web:

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