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Guy Fieri S Kitchen Bar And Dine In Cinema

Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar and Dine-In Cinema

Serving great food filled

with flavour, Guy Fieri, is a legend and culinary master. Guy is also a TV star and one of the most passionate food enthusiasts in the world, presenting his cuisine to Dubai with the new Guy Fieri Jebel Ali Kitchen & Bar.

Guy Fieri has  vast experience in food business, in his over 20 years career, he is building and franchising his own exceptional restaurants and eateries and travelling the world in search of inspiration for his next magnificent meal. Guy Fieri’s Jebel Ali Kitchen & Bar re-introduces traditional American comfort food, including some of the best burgers.

Those who enjoy the cinemas and eat popcorn or hotdog slathered with liquefied cheese can now have other options. Food is served offering a new experience to the next level lounging into a massive chair, a

complete meal service is offered. US celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s new Dine-in Cinema in Jebel Ali, the Dhs160 ticket cost is easy on the pocket and particularly considering the moreish grub on offer such as mac ’n’ cheeseburgers and trashcan nachos, the latter of which are prepared piled into a free-standing cylindrical tower. The cost also includes entry to a film of choice, plus a starter and main which are served to the seat. Desserts and drinks are extra – this cinema is licensed, and it’s the first in the UAE to be so. The food is popular as it is aptly thought up by the chef of US TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives fame – trumps other movie eats. The red carpet experience is grand, a notch above the usual cinema outing.

Reel Cinemas offers an unparalleled movie experience. Home to one of the largest Cineplex’s in the

UAE and the first Dine-in Cinema in the Middle East, you can choose from an unmatched variety of blockbuster movies. Movie buffs can indulge themselves in the most luxurious recliner seats at the Platinum Movie Suites at The Dubai Mall, experience Dolby Cinema at Dubai Marina Mall, an unbelievably immersive experience or enjoy the combination of restaurant-prepared meals and the big screen cinema at Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar and Dine-in Cinema at Jebel Ali Recreation Club.

Contact: REEL CINEMAS U Rd, Jebel Ali Recreation Club Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 459 5100 Web:

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