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GüRkan Sef Steakhouse

Gürkan Sef Steakhouse

This Turkish

steakhouse offers a grand tableside theatre for guests. Gürkan Sef is a celebrity chef with handlebar moustache, curly locks and signature specs. He is Turkey’s first certified butcher (AKA the ‘Meat Artist’) is a well-known personality. Gürkan Şef Turkish Steakhouse is now officially open in the UAE, with its first branch at City Walk, Dubai. Meat connoisseur, Chef Gürkan’s magical touch is the prime attraction at the steakhouse.

Visit this stylish, wood-panelled meat joint, where many delicious meaty delights are served. Gürkan Sef Steakhouse serves a variety of dry aged and wet aged steaks. The meat is exclusively sourced from Turkey, to retain the authenticity of the cuisine. Chef Gürkan’s specials include Vay Vay Vay (Veal Tenderloin), Kuzu Sirt (Lamb Shoulder),

Dana Saslik (Special Sous with Veal fillet) and Lokkum (Sliced Tenderloin). Chef’s special delectable burger is yet another must-try dish from the menu. To complete the perfect meal, a scrumptious Nirvana and Sehvat will satiate sweet cravings. The man has a passion for meat, and charm showmanship. They are a part of what makes the Gürkan Şef Steakhouse that serves a variety of dry-aged and wet-aged steaks very appealing. The place is appealing for diners with mealtime theatrics to Instagram the entire tableside performance. The impressive setting of tables assembled right from huge slabs of wood and wrought iron showcase the very best in the industry. Inside, diners can find a meat counter that display enormous tomahawks, while outdoors are pleasant with tables on the Green Planet-facing sidewalk boast of great Burj Khalifa views. Although the restaurant is not at the heart of City Walk, the entertainment and

smoke accompany each dish makes a desired feel to passers-by. The service is good, the staff exudes genuine warmth and pride in both the venue and food coming out of the kitchen. An order of beef tartare makes a ceremonious arrival on a huge wooden trolley, escorted by a waistcoated member of staff wielding a curved scimitar. Foodies can relish it with rounds of bread served on the table, with freshness to each bite.

Diners can use the nearest parking at Al Madina – Square. Dress Code: Casual

Contact: Gürkan Sef Steakhouse Dubai City Walk Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 379 9777 e-mail: Web:


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