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Encounter Coffee Roasters

Encounter Coffee Roasters


Encounter Coffee Roastery Burj Al Salam

Sourcing the best quality and fine green beans from the world’s coffee regions, Encounter Coffee roasts coffee creates unique taste which brings the characteristics of the coffee bean and exemplify the best of Melbourne’s specialty coffee. Today, Encounter Coffee Roasters is one of the leading roasters and suppliers of speciality coffee in the UAE.

Encounter Coffee Roasters is Bull&Roo’s home-grown coffee roastery located inside of The Sum of Us cafe.

Encounter Coffee Roastery Burj Al Salam

Encounter coffee experts and roasters create rich blends and flavourful, offering an extraordinary farm to offer coffee experience for their guests. Coffee is passion and Encounter is all about sharing their love and knowledge for coffee. Encounter is the approachable entry to the coffee world, helping begin the journey of coffee. The team successfully launched their first coffee kiosk at Brookfield place. Their second concept to the DIFC will be rolling

Encounter Coffee Roastery

Born in Dubai, Encounter is crafted by friendly, knowledgeable, well-travelled coffee experts! Jamie Elfman at Encounter Coffee Roasters, Dubai was collaborating with Dubai’s Tom & Serg in 2013, Jamie Elfman returned to the city in 2017 as Encounter Coffee Roasters’ Head of Coffee. Serving its wholesale clients, the roastery supplies beans to its parent company, Bull & Roo’s, family of artisan F&B brands – Tom & Serg, Common Grounds, Muchachas, Rise & Dawn Bakehouse, The Sum of Us and Brunswick Sports Club.

Contact: Encounter Coffee Roastery Burj Al Salam – Ground Floor 6th St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 56 508 8414 Web:


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