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Eco Yoga Sanctuary

Eco Yoga Sanctuary


to be the haven clients always dreamed of, Eco Yoga Sanctuary is the right place for soul relaxation. They offer meditation for mind, fitness for the body and creates a space to refresh from daily toxins life gathers.

Eco Yoga Sanctuary works to provide quality classes only of Yoga, Pilates, Core class and other healthy practices. They intend to be the ambassador of keeping the Earth green and habitable. They desire to be the signature of fresh breathe that exhales a sense of calmness in a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere. The team wants to be the center of interaction among yogis in Dubai, UAE and all over the world.


Yoga Sanctuary institute offers courses designed for women of all ages. Participants can experience eco-friendly Far Infrared Heating (FIH) Heating panels inside the studio that creates a gentle heat that works on the body rather than the room. It is also strategically designed to leave harmless effects on the environment, by using materials and studio equipment made from organic materials and usage of facilities that helps conserve water and electricity consumption. (EYS) Eco Yoga Sanctuary offers nothing but the best in terms of place, price and products. The sanctuary is one of the most beautiful yoga studio in the city.


waiting area is spacious with fresh fruits, detoxifying water and refreshments that they serve everyday while reading their inspirational and educational books. Tea is offered to treat the body, internally and physically. Detoxifying water helps to hydrate the body and improve muscles and skin and fruits to give provide nutrients. The studio is wide, spacious with mirrors on the wall and adjustable lights to achieve the most serene atmosphere suitable for each practice. The team has proper props and equipment to assist participants in the various classes. They provide the necessary items each yogi needs from mats to towels.

They offer only high quality classes, workshops & courses by professionally qualified instructors attested from International Institution. 

Additionally, they are committed to offer a place exclusively for ladies only where they can relax and grow mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and environmentally. The team takes it as their duty to provide yoga and other activities for the benefit of women in Dubai, the UAE and others around the world. They provide Yoga, Pilates & Core classes to help the ladies keep in shape. They also offer belly dancing classes! The studio is also designed for special classes like Hot Yoga and Bikram.

Contact: Eco Yoga Sanctuary Jumeirah St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 385 6633 Web:

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