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Dubai Miracle Gardens Presents An Outdoor Display

Dubai Miracle Gardens presents an outdoor display


who are yet to pay a visit to Dubai Miracle Gardens must take time to get this spectacular Dubai attraction on the list. Located just outside Jumeirah Village Circle (within sight of the huge FIVE Jumeirah Village Dubai), one can go to the gardens any day of the week throughout winter from 09:00 until 21:00.

Dubai Miracle Gardens has set various of Guinness World Records over the years, this is one of Dubai’s biggest tourist attractions, which rakes in a phenomenal number of people. With millions of flowers, massive constructs made entirely of fresh blooms and more, people can see this must-visit attraction as soon as possible.

Dubai Miracle

Garden is packed with displays that are super-fun for children and exciting for adults. On the occasion of the upcoming 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, Dubai Miracle Garden has just inaugurated a sculpture of the admired cartoon character.

Dubai Miracle Garden features many oversized floral sculptures (including a floral A380) making the perfect place to get clicked. An 18-metre Mickey Mouse sculpture has just been put up at the garden in Barsha South.  The record-breaking topiary (it’s officially the tallest supported topiary structure, according to Guinness World Records) weighs close to 35 tonnes. It is created of close to 100,000 plants and flowers, including white petunia, red petunia, white geranium, yellow viola, zinnia marigold and green alternanthera. It’s supported by a 7-tonne steel structure (that stands on a 50-tonne concrete foundation).

Miracle Garden has just

signed a deal with The Walt Disney Company which means that more Disney characters. Visitors to Dubai Miracle Garden can enjoy Disney’s most iconic character in a spectacular floral display, with further Disney characters planned when Dubai Miracle Garden reopens for the winter season.

The certificate from Guinness World Records international committee was awarded to Engineer Abdel Naser Rahhal, the creator and co-founder of the Dubai Miracle Garden and Vice-Chairman of Cityland Group. Dubai Miracle Garden is the proud owner of two other Guinness World Records titles. IT has been recognised for having the ‘Largest Vertical Garden in the World’ and for the ‘Largest Floral Installation’ with the Emirates A380 display.

Dubai Miracle Garden

is famous as the world’s largest natural flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden is home to more than 100 million blooming flowers. Last year the place broke many world records when it unveiled a full-size replica of an Emirates A380 plane. The park had closed its doors in the summer months, but has been renovated for the new season. The park is attractive and has one-of-a-kind floral displays and attractions including a floral clock, peacocks, an aromatic garden, and the Dubai Butterfly Garden, the world’s largest butterfly garden and sanctuary. During the winter months, the garden attracts thousands of visitors. The opening of Dubai Miracle Garden has transformed the parched desert landscape of Dubai into the world’s biggest natural flower garden. Beautiful as Alice in Wonderland, people are amazed as soon as they step through the entrance gate at the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Contact: Dubai Miracle Garden Al Barsha South 3 / Dubailand Area Right Next to the Existing Dubai Miracle Garden Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 422 8902, +971 4 422 8902 Fax: +971 4 432 4941 e-mail: Web:


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