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ChingóN Dubai

Chingón Dubai

A contemporary


CHINGÓN is a celebration of all things Mexican and a modern interpretation of the culture and heritage of the various civilisations and people. CHINGÓN takes its influences and inspirations from the first Olmec empire that formed along the Gulf of Mexico in 1200 BC, The Zapotecs who settled the Oaxaca Region in 700BC, The Maya who cultivated the Yucatan Peninsula in 250 AD and the Aztec who built their capital in what is now Mexico City in 1500 AD.

The Music

Chingón Dubai

The cocktail program focuses on Tequila and Mezcal. The food menu in CHINGÓN reflects a number of Mexican ingredients, sauces, salsa’s and marinades that have been adapted and skilfully combined to create a colourful food experience.  Chingón is a contemporary Mexican with views of Downtown Dubai.

Hours: 18:00 – 01:00

Contact: Chingón Dubai Grand Millennium Hotel – Marasi Dr Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 873 3377 e-mail: Web:

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