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Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero


caffe nero

If you have not visited this fun spot, gear up to try new drinks, yummy food and new experiences at Caffè Nero. Enjoy an Italian escape with Caffè Nero this summer.

Caffè Nero is a world famous name and has also released a new Summer Eats food menu that is light and ready to take on the day. Get started and pep up for the day with a bowl of homemade muesli with cold milk or yoghurt (dairy-free milk varieties are complimentary here). Enjoy your lunch, it’s fresh and scrumptious sandwiches of ham, cheese and egg or for plant-based diners, vegan roasted squash and super-seed. Visit Caffè Nero for sweet to sample – the mandarin curd tart is perfect for those with sweet cravings.


cafe nero

Have a nice blend of classic coffee in every Caffè Nero in the UAE as these are fit for coffee connoisseurs who know the right blend. Purchase online via one of the major delivery platforms.

Good coffee, food is an important part of their café culture and their team is known for the highest quality, freshest food that caters for everyone. Their development team constantly adapts healthier, tastier offering and try to reduce salt, fat, sugar. Everything is clearly labelled and all nutritional information can be found on their website.


cafe nero

Caffe Nero menu gets changed on Sunday July 11 to another delicious offering.

*Visit locations throughout the UAE, @CaffeNeroUAE

For more information please visit:

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