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Blossom Children S Nursery

Blossom Children’s Nursery


a series of nurseries and early learning centers based in Dubai, Blossom Education is focused on educating the children of today.

Providing early years education, the team are conscious that 50% of a child’s adult intelligence is formed by the age of four. At Blossom, they understand that importance children’s early years that sets the foundation for all that is to come. The team choses the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum to develop nurseries and early learning centers that teach dynamically with a special focus on the prime and specific areas of learning. The team also created their own sensory based framework called SKYGARDEN, which they implement alongside the EYFS curriculum. After planning a framework that was focusing on learning through the senses and collaborating it with an internationally recognized curriculum, the team then implemented Triple PPP approach in each day of learning.

Blossom was founded in 2009 on Triple PPP principles – equally premising people, planet and prosperity. They are focused in providing the best early years education supported by research and data. Parents are comfortable with the methods they use that are both tested and give positive results for young learners. The Blossom offering was founded by Zahra Hamirani, Esq. – who is passionate about the early years. Many nurseries and early education providers were explored to be able to provide the Blossom offering. Strong affiliations were build with Cache, NDNA, Montessori groups and professionals.

The team employed to their best by creating wondrous opportunities and make play and learning central. The team is active at education events and in associations working to provide a first class early years experience that ensures both school readiness and experiences that is going to allow children to gain their confidence, believe in themselves and work to achieve towards their goals. Blossom understands and strives to be leaders in not only the field of early education, but also pioneers in 

environmental awareness, resource preservation, energy efficiency, waste management, ecosystem conservation and overall sustainable development. Blossom promotes charity, recycling (eco-friendliness) and also safety.

The company ethos ‘believe, achieve, bECOme,’ as they aim to plant these seeds one mind at a time. As seen in Blossom history children are now making new stories and impacts as they change the world – one child at a time!

Contact: Blossom Children’s Nursery Villa # 43 Street # 21C – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 394 8837 Web:

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