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Austrian Beach Resort Vienna House Is Coming To Deira Islands

Austrian beach resort Vienna House is coming to Deira Islands


most recent artificial islands are going to welcome with a number of grand new venues – together with the substantial Deira Mall and a night souk.

Soon people will be able to pay a visit and unwind at a new beachfront holiday complex, and it’s coming all the way from Austria.

Dubai-based developer Nakheel is developing a new partnership with Austria’s largest independent hotel chain to create a USD160 million resort. Named Vienna House Deira Beach, the planned complex will house 600 rooms looking over Old Dubai – with hopes of it becoming a world-class hub for living, leisure, tourism and retail. This will be a first for the Austrian brand in the Middle East, presently having more than 30 hotels across nine countries. The construction is all part of Nahkeel’s 15.3 sq km waterfront city for Dubai’s 2021.

Vienna International chief executive Rupert Simoner said: “We are honoured to partner with Nakheel to create this uniquely-designed beach resort, which will be introduced under our ‘affordable great’ concept, providing a quality yet informal and laid-back atmosphere inspired by the Bohemian lifestyle.”

Nakheel chairman Ali Rashid Lootah said: “Vienna House has an enviable track record in hotel management and is renowned for its excellent service and hospitality across Europe.

“We look forward to welcoming this new brand into our ever-growing portfolio of global hospitality partners.”

There is no mention of when the resort will be finished, Deira Islands is adding 40km, including 21km of beachfront, to Dubai’s coastline, which will include a mega-mall for all of Dubai’s shopping fanatics.

Vienna House, the largest independent hotel chain in Austria, presently has more than 30 hotels across nine countries, and employees around 2,400 people. While each hotel has its own character, all have one aim: to inspire guests.

Nakheel’s anticipated joint venture with Vienna House is the latest development in the company’s aggressive expansion into Dubai’s hospitality sector, under which 18 hotels – including five star, all-inclusive and value-for-money concepts – are planned across Dubai, with eight at Deira Islands.

Deira Islands is adding 40 km, including 21 km of beachfront, to Dubai’s coastline. The project paves the way for hotels and serviced apartments, retail destinations, mixed-use buildings and residential waterside developments at what will become Dubai’s newest hub for culture, tourism, entertainment and leisure. Nakheel itself is bringing a host of attractions to the islands, including Deira Mall and Deira Islands Night Souk, two world-class destinations that will add a new dimension to Dubai’s leisure and retail scene.

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