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Akiba Dori

Akiba Dori


inspiration from Tokyo’s neon-lit electronics district Akihabara, Akiba Dori is located in Dubai Design District. Offering a new wave of casual, cool restaurant concepts – d3 has successfully able to hold their own in Dubai. Their Tokyopolitan pizza is a must-try.

Veganism can be followed in Dubai’s creative district, d3 (Dubai Design District) offers Japanese restaurant Akiba Dori. Serving a metaphorical buffet of vegan dishes, diners can order veggie maki rolls and a tofu wakame salad, along with the marinara pizza, which is served without cheese. Matching perfectly, the venue and a location are perfectly fitted – Akiba Dori is a fun Japanese space in d3 that is precisely what the neighbourhood needed.

Giving a great impression,

service at Akira Dori is spot, the food served represents value for money. A plate of calamari – in light crispy batter and with a lime mayo – is delicious and very fresh. Favourite dishes at Akira Dori include, a bowl of yaki soba, spicy tuna maki. It is served with generously sized rolls that are made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant witnesses a lot of young overseas visitors to its doorstep. Halfway across the planet in Dubai, the allure of Tokyo hasn’t forgotten. A new restaurant called Akiba Dori – Akiba is short for Akihabara, a Tokyo shopping district famous for video games, anime, manga, and computer goods is set up in Dubai. Dori means ‘street’ – has transformed the Middle East’s beacon of Tokyo-style urban culture.

Akiba Dori is founded by

Samer Hamadeh in Dubai – UAE for those who are looking for a slice of Tokyo. The Japanese capital is home to a multitude of treasures, and it showcases a large part of what Japanese culture is all about. However, Tokyo is home to an urban culture and is related treats that’s exceptional and its own. This creatively decorated, bright space is split into four different areas (a coffee shop, a pizzeria, a bar and a retro games arcade) that is set up with each other. This certainly seems to be a part, as “style over substance” seems to be at key.

Akiba Dori is open daily from noon to midnight at d3 on Ras Al Khor Road.

Contact: Akiba Dori Ground Floor, Building 8 Dubai Design District Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 770 7949 Web:

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