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Aghaty Café

Aghaty café

Aghaty –

that means love makes the team very passionate about serving guests handcrafted, authentic coffee. Aghaty blends only the best coffee from around the world. The reputed eatery serves steaming cups of coffee with food influenced by Bosnian, Turkish, and Arabic cultures.

Aghaty ’s mission is to bring the best of Balkan and Arabic flavours to Dubai, and they’re holding a good position. Those who’re not a fan of coffee, Aghaty also has delicious blends of tea, served in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. At Aghaty café, diners will find only the unique blends that are the best styles of coffee and food that takes influences by Bosnian and Turkish culture to deliver something new and different to the GCC. The team decided to bring the best Balkan tastes to Dubai as it continues  to present more of the world into its diverse city. High-quality

coffee has become much more popular in the UAE, and the team wants to make sure that all travelers and those living here in Dubai visit and enjoy more than just a decent coffee. Their unforgettable flavors, simple aesthetic and spell-binding designs are warm and relaxing. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes patrons keep coming back for more.

In March 2013, Aghaty started their first branch in Dubai Investment Park. The team started catering for student and sports events and received spectacular feedback from their customers. They decided to bring Aghaty to the outlet village, so they can continue sharing the best coffee flavors with people!

Aghaty has become a very distinguished brand. 

Coffee, not just to warms the heart, the new flavors of coffee like the Bosnian coffee or white coconut latte are exceptional. Visitors can have a Mocha or or grab a Frappe and get going in Dubai weather , the team has it all quick and delightful. Frappe offers one to smell the aroma of cardamom. The main food source is in the GCC , then its Saudi coffee and dates time. Aghaty also serves fresh Croissant, Donuts, Muffins, Teas, Juice, Kunafa.

Contact: Aghaty café The Outlet Village Mall Dubai parks and Resorts/ Jebel Ali Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 5 770 7119, +971 4 770 7251 e-mail: Web:

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