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5 Best Turkish Restaurants In Dubai

5 Best Turkish Restaurants In Dubai

Updated: Jan 25

Dubai is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world. Be it The Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World or The Palm Island, every one of them is a marvel on its own. But the real treasure that makes Dubai tourist heaven is its food. The food and the culture of Dubai, in tandem, make it even more desirable for tourists to come here. And that’s the reason why we are here. Let’s take a deep dive and find 5 Best Turkish Restaurants In Dubai.

Turkish food is not just something that we eat; it’s something we feel as well. The food comes with a long history of the Turkish empire that ultimately created a perfect blend of all the cultures. It is a fusion of Ottoman, Balkan, Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European cuisines. Recreation of these cuisines continue to be an endangered art, but thankfully, Dubai has some of the best artists on the planet. Here’s the list of Dubai’s best Turkish Restaurants:

1. Rüya

Among the top urbane restaurants of the city, sits this masterpiece by the “d.ream Group,” which already presented us the restaurants Zuma and Coya. Rüya, the Turkish translation of ‘Dream,’ is a fine-dining restaurant located in the Grosvenor’s house. Their design and decor well match the taste of its cuisine.

The thing that sets Rüya apart from the other Turkish restaurants in Dubai is the modern twist they give to authentic and traditional dishes. The authentic Turkish food and drinks are provided here but with a slight change in ingredients. That’s what makes tourists and locals come, visit and fall in love with this place. Some of their specialties are lavish lamb, katmer, keg kebab, Flavoured puddings, eggplant stew, and rotisserie.

If you want to have some authentic Turkish food, visit:

Rüya 1st Floor, Lobby Level Grosvenor House Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marina Dubai – United Arab Emirates. P.O. Box: 482018 Tel.: +971 4 3999 123 e-mail: Web:

2. A La Turca

If you are looking for a Turkish buffet option in Dubai, then this one’s just for you. A La Turca is an open Turkish buffet restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines from all around the world. They have many specialties, but one of their most-sought after is Turkish cuisine. Their place is famous for having a modern style of cooking while keeping the original flavors intact.

The restaurant’s buffet menu includes all the authentic Turkish and Middle-Eastern dishes such as kebabs, pita-bread, and aubergine. The taste is well-complemented by live music performances and the beautiful interior of the dining area. The restaurant also sports a bakery section where you can find baklava treats, jellies and mousses, and their main attraction – sutlac.

If you are looking to enjoy international culinary delights from an assortment of different cuisine, visit:

A La Turca Rixos The Palm Dubai The Palm Jumeirah East Crescent Road Dubai – United Arab Emirates Tel.: +971 4 457 5454 e-mail: Web:

3. Kaftan

If you are craving for a beach-side authentic Turkish meal, head to La Mer and visit one of the best Middle-Eastern restaurants, you can find in Dubai. Kaftan offers the relaxed vibes of La Mer’s beach with authentic Turkish food. La Mer is one of the city’s most prominent locations, and Kaftan makes it even more special by providing the perfectly cooked Turkish food in the middle of it. This Turkish restaurant gives the options to sit either inside or in the outdoor area, from where you can feel the mesmerizing sea breeze.

Kaftan serves a variety of Turkish meals throughout the day. You can order the hummus served with lamb and bread, or the vine leaves packed with rice and minced meat with yogurt. Their famous dessert, the Pasa Kadayif, is a baked sweet thin strand of filo dough, filled with a generous amount of pistachios. It’s served with goat milk ice-cream. Kaftan also has a color-in menu for kids, which makes it one of the best family fine-dine restaurants in Dubai.

To have relaxing beach-side Turkish dine-in experience, visit:

Kaftan Turkish Gourmet Villa # 861 Jumeirah St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 338 9688 Web:

4. Günaydın

Günaydın is the first Turkish Meatery in downtown Dubai. It is one of the most prominent Turkish restaurants in Dubai as it houses more than 40 restaurants under its brand name. Their Turkish cuisines range from grilled meat to hot and cold mezzes. Their beautiful authentic Turkish-style restaurant sitting is even more boosted by the unique view of Burj Khalifa.

Gunaydin was the first restaurant that used the term ‘Steakhouse’ in Turkish restaurants. Meat-lovers love to sit there and watch juicy slabs of steak and saucy burgers being prepared in the open kitchen.

Gunaydin’s specialty lies in all the meat preparation of the restaurant, the best of them being meatballs and döner. Their dessert menu is also packed with authentic Turkish desserts such as Kunefe, Katmer, and Baklava.

If you want to have some juicy Turkish-style meat in downtown Dubai, visit:

Gunaydin Waterfront Promenade, Souk Al Bahar Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 554 0700 Web:

5. Besh

Situated in one of the best culinary places in Dubai, Besh Turkish Kitchen is a casual Turkish dine-in space. The restaurant is famous for using all the original Turkish recipes and recreating the perfect traditional flavors. Besh Kitchen lies in the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates. The chef Vedat Basaran, who originally hails from Istanbul, runs the kitchen command. He recreates the original Turkish flavor by using the best ingredients from all around the world. Olive oil, flour, and spices used in Besh are all imported from Anatolia itself.

The food here is served by a cheerful staff who helps you understand the menu and order the best dish according to your preference. Some of the best meals that you could enjoy here are pistachio kebabs, kusbasili pide, minced lamb and peppers. Artichokes and hummus are delicious as well.

To enjoy this beautiful Turkish restaurant with a pleasing ambiance and better prices, visit:

Besh Turkish Kitchen 5th Floor Sheraton Hotel Mall of the Emirates Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 377 2353 e-mail: Web:

These are our top picks for 5 Best Turkish Restaurants in Dubai in no particular order. All of these restaurants provide a glimpse of Turkish culture via their food and ambiance. Each of these restaurants has their own USPs being vastly different from one another. So, which one is the best among them? Try and leave this decision to your taste buds.

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