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Pastryology Pastryology DubaiDubai is a great place to go to, it’s a little cafe with stunning marble decor, and serves the most delicious bitezellas, toast, coffee & milk shakes.

Taking inspiration by the words Pastry+ology, Pastryology café offers Pastry, the soft fluffy and delicious kind of food, and ology is the English suffix of Greek origins which is used in the names of sciences. And so Pastryology turns to be part magic and part science, where trained Pastryologist-in-chief combines, measures, and calculates to create the most enchanting pastries that will leave everyone under spells to keep coming again and again.

Whether Pastryology Dubaidiners want to come to visit the place for cool vibes, the setting is ideal for a large gathering and is home for your gatherings, or even to invite for an occasion. This place serves Bitezellas, Cakelits, and Tartfuls that are hands down the best thing that are perfect and complement specialty selection of coffee and shakes. For special occasions clients can hire the Pastryology cart to the next party, and the team will serve guests with the sugar rush they are looking for. Right from freshly brewed coffee, milkshakes, homemade icecream, to our amazing mouth-watering desserts. People can host an event in the beautiful café, whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, or simply a friends get together. Pastryology DubaiThe in-house event planner will help bring it all together, and fit the budget too! The cafe can accommodate maximum 30 people.

Try out the most delicious dessert menu that will leave customers coming back for more. The place is nestled in the quite and peaceful setting and is perfect for the winters and upcoming cooler weather to hangout.

Best for high quality desserts at a reasonable price.


Daily: 10:00 – 22:00


Mina Rashid, Shop #19, Marina
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
P.O. Box: 334164
Tel.: +971 4 330 0056

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