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A papparotiPappaRoti bun is crunchy and gooey with buttery and sweet flavours; fluffy and light, but generous, too. Nothing ordinary about a PappaRoti dry-looking, plain brown bun. This is no ordinary snack, foodies can pair it with a selection of coffees and teas. The buttery fluff inside the bun is delicious and the caramel-coffee butter topping is applied in concentric ribbons that melt and bake into a crisp, sweet layer in the oven.

The woman behind the bun – Rasha Al Danhani is a glamorous 32-year-old Emirati. In 2003, Malaysia was the first to introduce the unique snack concept of PappaRoti. papparotiThe unique brand specializes in this mouth watering coffee-coated butter bun served alongside a variety of beverage compliments. The aroma, freshness and textures have captivated audiences all around the world with over 410 cafes. As soon as diners sink their teeth into the outer layer of the bun, can taste a series of textures and layers starting from the crispy coffee flavored crust made from the finest flour and omega 3 eggs to the soft and buttery centre, freshly baked just minutes before serving. The Café’s and restaurants are dotted in Dubai, customers come to diner as the aroma that surround the café’s area is tempting. The team specializes in a product so unique and delicious it leaves its customers coming back for more.

This papparotiPappaRoti brand to Dubai is a destination of multi-national residents and different cuisines of the world are appreciated with a welcoming heart and big appetites. The Emiratis in the region have adapted to various tastes but the mouth-watering flavours and aroma of PappaRoti buns and beverages had an overwhelming liking and have an expanding customer base of Emiratis, Royalty of the Emirates and the other multi-national residents and tourist.

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Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 325 3174

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