Origami, Delightful Fusion of Contemporary Sushi in Dubai City Festival Mall

by Dubai City

Origami is a sushi fusion restaurant that offers a flavorsome culinary journey through the reinterpretation of traditional sushi rolls. It pushes the boundaries of the Khaleeji way of dining while also appealing to the melting pot of a city that is Dubai, according to its website. The place is a fusion of cultural elements, specifically Japanese and Arabic culture. In addition, it is believed as the core of the spatial experience in the new design. It is about combining two or more entities to create something new.

The Story

The use of partitions and screens are typically distinct elements, and the color palette is also dominantly beige, tan, and brown. These elements are carefully thought out and used in the dining space to give guests a welcoming ambiance. The Origami Brand story is born out of creating something unique and new. It stands for innovation and creativity in fusion food. It is no wonder that despite many competitors around the area,  Oragami remains one of the most visited sushi fusion restaurants in  Dubai. This fantastic restaurant believes that the gap between the cultures brings the best in Japanese and fusion cuisine in one place. The website also states that its contemporary minimalist Japanese environment combines Arab-inspired patterns and murals for an Emirate touch.

The Chefs

The executive chef of Oragami sushi fusion restaurant Dave Mangiliman is a native of Pampanga Province, the culinary capital of the Philippines. At first, his dream was to work in Japan. His goal was to explore their culture and cuisine, but due to a lack of funds, he decided to work in Sushiya. It is a famous Japanese restaurant serving Donburi, Bento, and Tempura in Manila. His quest to explore different cultures and cuisine continued as he decided to work in Dubai in 2006. He was then promoted to become the youngest Sous chef of Yo! Sushi Japanese restaurant and the rest is history. With him working is his head chef from the same country, Shella M. Resurreccion. Her first job in Dubai was being the head chef of Karma Kafe. Rocco Forte Hotel soon merged with Hilton Hotel, a high-end restaurant with different cuisine. It allowed her to create more dishes and collaborate with some of the best chefs in the world.

The Menu

In a review, a guest describes the food in Origami as absolutely delicious. “The restaurant interior I would classify as Asian-Arabic fusion as they had tatami mats backed floor cushions and had that Arabic Emirati vibe. The host greeted us well, and we were ushered to the seats of our choice,” she added. The menu of Origami Sushi Japanese Restaurant consists of Calamari, California, Crab Salad, and Nigiri Salmon. These are the top choices. It also serves Tenkau Prawn, Tenderloin, Spicy Tuna, Soft Shell, and Rock Shrimp. Guest should also try Tiger Tempura, Prawn Yakisoba, Volcano, and the popular Tuna Nigiri. Torched Salmon, Wagyu Katsu Sando, and Wagyu with Foie are also on the list.

Daily: 12:00 – 23:00

Dubai Festival City Mall, Ground Floor
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 262 0261
Web: https://origamidxb.com/

Photo courtesy: https://origamidxb.com/


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