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Nightjar Coffee Restaurant

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Have Nightjar Coffee Restauranta fantastic authentic Japanese meal at Nightjar Coffee restaurant.
Alserkal Avenue’s Nightjar Coffee is similar to that of to London’s trendy neighbourhood. People can enjoy sipping coffee, roasted and brewed on site here. One thing that the clients like is the intoxicating smell of the java. Nightjar is the industrial space that fits perfectly in the city’s arty zone, and the long benches. People come to work with laptops and also enjoy their time to meet up loved ones. The stripped-back room is available and good food keeps coming from the kitchen.

The weekend breakfast dishes include the kedgeree and the Devon crab omelette. Salads are fresh and filling, too, with the Asian-style wombok slaw. Those visiting at lunchtime, can try the house-cured salt beef sandwich with red cabbage, cheese and pickle on sourdough.

Located Nightjar Coffee Restaurantin the heart of Dubai’s creative hub, Alserkal Avenue Arts & Culture District, Nightjar Coffee is The Roastery and Eatery space. Those who enjoy their daily brew, must visit the event that is going to take place at the Nightjar Coffee Roastery in Alserkal Avenue. This event offers a rare chance to discover more about the drink, taking participants through the tradition and production of coffee, from cultivation to roasting. Visitors will get to see coffee in various stages of production, using its smell, feel, and taste to access each bean’s history and place in modern society.

Along with the way society evolves, we see changes in food and beverages. The world of designer coffee is a major indicator of this phenomenon. In the Night Jar (which is the Avenue’s roastery, eatery and perfect spot to end a walk-around), visitors can also learn about the provenance of the food and thank the 9th century Ethiopian who first discovered coffee beans. They are artisanal coffee roasters, Nightjar Coffee RestaurantNightJar is a group of eclectic and passionate specialty coffee professionals from around the world. Their mission is to ensure ‘make it good’, from their relationships with the farmers at origin, to the final cup of brew. They source green coffee direct from selected single origin farms with micro and nano-lots. They are committed to quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers; ensuring the farmers get paid a good price for a good product and that the relationships are long term and not just seasonal.

The team have also been perfecting Cold Brew and Nitro offering. One can stop in and see the world of Nightjar.

Nightjar Coffee Restaurant 

8th Street Al Quoz Industrial 1
Warehouse G62, Alserkal Avenue Arts & Cultural District
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 330 6635, +971 50 556 9797

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