New Japanese Restaurant TŌRI launches inside Around the Block Coffee.

by Dubai City

In the realm of culinary excellence, flavors dance and ambiance sings, the beloved local gem, TŌRI inside Around the Block. Recently, it unfurled another chapter of its story. It is nestled within the vibrant pulse of Khawaneej Walk. In addition, this latest incarnation emerges with a renewed identity. A visual symphony that captures hearts at first glance. Amidst whispers of tantalizing breakfasts and dishes adorned with a touch of familiarity, Around the Block’s new haven harbors an added delight.

The Inspiration

Moreover, with a symphony of innovation, the ATB brigade unveils a groundbreaking dual concept. From dawn’s first light till dusk’s gentle caress. Not only that, the threshold welcomes patrons to bask in the embrace of ATB classics—sumptuous desserts that beckon with richness. Its specialty coffees roasted to perfection, and a medley of lunchtime treasures. Yet, as the sun retreats beyond the horizon, a transformation occurs, birthing TŌRI, a Japanese spectacle.

The Ambiance

TŌRI, translating to the passage, graces the modern eatery nestled within Around the Block’s embrace.  Apart from that, stepping into this realm, guests are greeted by a mesmerizing live sushi theatre. It is where adept chefs choreograph a culinary ballet of authentic Japanese marvels. Plus, the ambiance takes on a new aura, summoning the spirit of izakaya-style dining, with TŌRI reigning supreme under the evening’s gentle glow.

The Menu

Furthermore, for the wanderer seeking a day’s reprieve or an evening’s zest, this haven holds both in harmony. The distinctive character of Around the Block traverses seamlessly into TŌRI—unassuming, genuine, and warm. In addition, the menu sings with simplicity yet tantalizes the senses. The symphony of options includes Robatas that sizzle with perfection, Sushi rolls that are delicate artistry, artfully curated mains, and a Raw Bar brimming with sea’s treasures. Thus, the hallmarks like the Crispy Chilli Beef, Black Wagyu Sando, Fried Noodles, Wagyu Burger, and the embrace of Baby Spinach in a refreshing Goma Salad, paint a culinary canvas of wonder. All this unfolds in the grandeur of Around the Block’s largest haven to date.

The Venue

An ode to space, versatility, and indulgence, TŌRI holds a tapestry that seats over 200 souls. Guests can bask on the deck, gazing upon the tranquil lake, or find solace within the venue adorned with wood and steel accents, a sanctuary of neutral hues that set the perfect stage for your Instagram chronicles. Amidst this splendor, the legacy of coffee continues.
Around the Block curates an 8-meter brew bar, a mosaic of coffee wonders. Each selection, carefully handpicked by the ATB artisans, guarantees an unwavering journey of quality. A symphony of partnerships blooms as a local roastery joins hands, a testament to the local ethos, crafting an array of origins and a signature house blend. Beyond the aesthetics and the meticulously crafted fare, this dual experience and social haven beckons to those who embrace culinary artistry, seek good vibes, and savor artisanal coffees.
In the heart of Khawaneej Walk, Around the Block and TŌRI stand not just as venues, but as tales woven from flavors, experiences, and the passion for perfection. From dawn to dusk, from around the corner to across the world, this haven beckons with the promise of memories, flavors, and moments that linger as cherished melodies.

Daily: 17:00-00:00

Al Khawaneej – Al Khawaneej 1
Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Tel: (04 332 8170)

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