Masgouf Restaurant

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An masgoufexceptional place, Masgouf is a restaurant where every object and every detail have their own meaning because they are elements that contribute to making a journey to discover the Iraqi food culture.

They offer an opportunity to experience an intense and enveloping taste, in which perfumes, colors, flavors, combined with a spark of creativity and creativity, light all the senses. This is a place to come back to meet up with friends because the team gives more regards to client and welcome the person, to accompany, to greet bid goodbye.

At Masgouf, they can arrange for a romantic dinner, relaxing lunch, or after work gathering at our cozy, sit-down lounges…, making everyday life a little more special at Masgouf Restaurant. masgoufIraqi cuisine has a long history going back 10.000 years to the Sumerians Akkadians, Babylonians. Tablets in the ruins left by ancient peoples show recipes prepared in the temples during religious festivals, in reality, they were the first cookbooks in the world made by Iraqi. Some dishes remain bland until you taste the stories behind them first. And the flavour of the dish only improves over time, when your own personal stories serve as sequels to the stories narrated by others, the stories you had originally heard. Masgouf, the ancient smoked fish of Iraq is one such a dish.

Masgouf has huge space accommodating at least 150 seats. The lavish restaurant space has been created to enjoy the outdoor dining experience,masgouf sitting in a beautiful garden. During winter, people can sit out and dine instead of enclosed space inside. Offering a very special feel, the water features are created to cancel the traffic sound and have a serene ambiance. They have a large black water wall opposite the VIP dining area is customer’s favorite with it’s a special water wall. Sliding water makes a soothing sound and it is an always a special place to sit in front of it!

Masgouf Restaurant

Jumeirah St
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 50 948 4749

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