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Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot UAE 小尾羊蒙式火锅

by DubaiCity Author

Havelittle lamb the pleasure of relishing authentic Chinese Cuisine at Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot UAE offering tastes to please every palate!

Little Lamb Xiao Wei Yang International Restaurant has been in U.A.E since 2005, the brand expands significantly and has become one of the best-known hotpot restaurants in U.A.E. Little Lamb brands are cultural orientated and associated with the art of fine Inner Mongolia cuisine. Exceptional quality produce is served in their restaurant in line with their aim to promote a “Natural, Green, Healthy, Hygienic” dining culture. Unified management structure and standardized operating procedures also maneuver Little Lamb towards numerous awards in the category of Hot Pot and Chinese cuisine.

Littlelittle lamb Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot UAE is a reputable and unique restaurants are not only famous as the norm within the hospitality industry in Great China. Little Lamb restaurants are appreciated by European, American, Asian, Australian and Chinese alike, worldwide. The team warmly welcomes guests to our restaurant chain –Xiao Wei Yang technology co. LTD. Their brand comes from Inner Mongolia which is a unique setting rich in stock farming in China. The team provides customers original nature food, including to cultivate their traditional culture to combine with the new technology to make their food more authentic. They provide an opportunity for customer to experience what is the Chinese flavor in real. They little lambare now situated on 10 different places in UAE, as that all the nations in UAE can have a great time in the different restaurants. The incredible food journey comes along with considerate service for guests  and their friends or family. The flavors captivate the senses with the prairie flavor. The food in life—Chinese Hot Pot, XiaoWeiYang is the first stop to experience the world flavor journey and satisfying the palate by fresh and original food. Diners can try out (GHN) Green, Healthy, Nutrient buffet, and can not only taste the original Chinese hot pot, but also can enjoy the diversity food include BBQ, local snacks, Korean food, Japanese food and Western food which is unlimited supply.

Great atmosphere, unlimited diversity in food and consideration service – a wide range of delectable dishes leave all charmed and take diners back to the streets of China.

Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot UAE

Marian JBR
Opp. The Royal Meridian Hotel and Grand Habtoor Hotel
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 421 4650

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