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Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant

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Get Kabab Erbil Iraqithe taste of the most authentic Iraqi flavours at Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant where all are welcome. The restaurant is opening the doors to the most succulent meat in city of Dubai. Their journey began three decades ago in the ancient and thriving city of Kirkuk Iraq.

The team at Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant believes in one simple goal which is to ensure that their guests always enjoy the best meat cooked to perfection. One of a kind restaurant in Dubai, the place serves traditional Iraqi cuisine. Serving over 3,000 customers per week, Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant has branches in Al Rigga, Jumeirah & Al Muteena.

Founded kabab erbil iraqi restaurantin 2003 by Mr. Azad Omar, Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant is an Iraqi fine dining restaurant operating in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The restaurant has become incredibly popular for its authentic Iraqi dishes and the oriental setting decors, which leaves the customer with a unique experience. Born and raised in Kurdistan, Iraq, Mr. Azad opened his first restaurant in the city of Kirkuk which was a massive success. His homemade style of cooking, coupled with his special recipe of the kababs ensured great quality and taste. The chain of restaurants in Dubai too got popularity in no time. Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant stays true to its country’s rich cuisine The Kababs are the highlight of the restaurant serving lamb dishes, grilled items and rice.

At kababKabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant serves Iraqi cuisine that has a history going back some 10,000 years. Iraqi food reflects its rich heritage, social lifestyle and strong family bonding. Hospitality is deeply rooted in the Iraqi culture and traditions. The modern version of the cuisine is rich and varied, with influences from surrounding areas such as Turkey, Iran and Greater Syria. Kabab Erbil is one of the innovative restaurant concepts in Dubai, serving the authentic taste of the Iraqi cuisine in Dubai, thousands of miles away from its origin.

Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant

Jumeirah 2
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 385 6684
Web: www.kababerbil.com

Photo courtesy:  www.kababerbil.com


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