Ka’ak Al Manara Bakery and Eatery

Ka’ak Al Manara Bakery and Eatery

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Ka’ak Al Ka’ak Al ManaraManara launches all-new make your own ka’ak kits. This Lebanese bakery is now offering one of its popular dishes to make at home with 11 different fillings.

Sharing their no-fuss recipe – Kaak wants to serve only the best and sure-fire delicious dish.Get your ingredients in a bread purse, and Ka’ak Al Manara Bakery and Eatery provides just the right kit.

The Lebanese bakery is now delivering its latest make your own ka’ak kits, and it comes packed with 11 fillings. Open daily from 07:30 until 10:00 for delivery, all foodies require is to fill their ka’ak up, put it in the oven, and get ready to eat. The kit comes with six fresh plain ka’aks, halloumi cheese slices, shredded akawi cheese, eight picon cheese triangles, a Lebneh and oil plate, along with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Diners will get to use mint leaves, an olives and pickles combination, za’atar halabi with oil along with dry za’atar baladi and sumac. For the bread purse – the ka’ak kit is priced at Dhs159 which includes all ingredients, you can get your order by calling 800 522563.

Ka’ak Ka’ak Al Manara Bakery and EateryAl Manara Bakery and Eatery has various locations including Al Falak Street, Dubai Internet City; Bay Gate Tower, Business Bay. The place is ideal for takeaways. Their story comes from the famous Al Manara (“light house”) corniche in Beirut. This iconic district has long been home to street vendors of the nation-wide popular sweet baked sesame bread known as ka’ak. Those who grew up in Lebanon must be remembering a warm ka’ak during break times on a long school day. The ka’ak vendor who visited school daily is missed. The infamous sight of a trolley overflowing with freshly baked ka’ak, stacks of Picon cheese, and heaps of sumac and za’atar would make the day even more fun and interesting. His bellowing call to ka’ak which echoed across the neighborhood is music to the ears.

Youthful Ka’ak Al Manara Bakery and Eaterymemories of ka’ak shared amongst friends along the Al Manara corniche were started with humble beginnings to life as a kiosk offering delicious tastes of home at the 2014/2015 Dubai “Ripe Markets”. The team are grateful for the queues of people who lined up each week at the markets to discover the oddly shaped ka’ak bread. Soon everyone loved the ka’ak bread as it was far more than just a delicious snack. It was something that bonded everyone missing the memories of home and reminded all when the world was a wonderful place yet to be discovered. Since those early days, their mission has been to spread that same youthful wonder a ka’ak can deliver to everyone.

07:30 – 22:00

Ka’ak Al Manara

Mastercard New Headquarters
Shop 01 – Al Falak St
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 800 522563
Web: www.https://clip.chatfood.io/kaak-almanara/

Photo courtesy: www.https://clip.chatfood.io/kaak-almanara/


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