Indoor adventure park Jumble

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JumbleJumble has reopened with new safety measures and a massive deal! Indoor adventure park Jumble return, jampacked with adrenalin-fuelled physical challenges and cerebral puzzles that it offered before the pandemic.

Participants can pick their team (currently limited to a minimum of three and maximum of five) wisely. Those who venture into Jumble will need the reflexes and problem-solving skills if they’re to overcome the 200 or so challenges posed by the park. Contestants must work towards making their way through a not-unlike-The-Crystal-Maze labyrinth of escape-room style tasks. They can follow clues, shimmy, duck, tight-rope walk, crawl and attempt to unravel Jumble’s many enigmas.

The jumble parkhealth and safety of visitors and staff has always been a top priority for the entire team at Jumble. But security levels were stepped up another level prior to the grand reopening. Throughout each day periodical deep cleans and disinfection sweeps are carried out in all areas of the venue. Customer touch points such as wristbands, kiosks and lockers go through sanitisation procedures after each use. With separate entry and exit points maintained, there’s temperature screening for fever detection in place and of course, masks must be worn at all times. The Ultimate Indoor Adventure in DXB – Jumble is a first of its kind ever, in the UAE. Jumble brings a unique type of adventure to the shores of Dubai. It’s an indoor adventure that is so unbelievable when experienced, but also so real at the same time. As a part of Landmark Group – Jumble Bye Bye Escape rooms has the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park!

A jumblefirst of its kind ever, in the UAE, Jumble brings a unique type of adventure to the shores of Dubai. This indoor adventure is so unbelievable when experienced. Jumble has 16 exhilarating jumbles and each jumble has 2-6 challenging rooms for the team to solve. Some are physically energizing, some mentally stimulating but all are fun. Completing the first challenge means moving onto the next, failure makes you start over or just selecting another one. You and your team have the absolute choice to choose which jumble you like and in any order you like. These challenges can make you go down and crawl through tunnels, call the fire-station, climb monkey bars, fight zombies, do the chicken dance and more. You never know what you’re in for until you’ve experienced it.

Fun Fact: Teams play on an average 3 hours a dayf

12:00 to 22:00: daily


Al Barsha 1, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +917 (800) 586253
Web: www.jumble.ae

Photo courtesy: www.jumble.ae


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