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A clue to the past, a view of how society evolved, this what heritage gives us. It paves way for us to examine history and traditions. It makes us be more aware of ourselves. Heritage provides explanations for why we are the way we are. 

In Dubai, there is a village that speaks greatly of the country’s ancestry. You will surely admire Heritage and Diving Village! It showcases Dubai’s architectural, cultural, and maritime heritage.  There are also displays related to pearl diving and dhow building – Dubai’s two old historic economic foundations. 

Traditional Bedouin and coastal village life had been recreated.  There are Persian homes, a traditional coffeehouse, and a small souk. From October to April, music and dances are performed in the village. Practitioners of traditional medicine also give advice to visitors.

Set foot in the Village and Craft Stories 

Admire the artistry of the weavers

Local artists who are masters in the art of weaving things like carpets, baskets and more. These are people who have been born into families who have been in the weaving industry for generations and have passed down the unique craft skills in the family. Therefore, the experience is completely authentic, and if you interact with the craftsmen, you will get to learn more about the history of the craft and also purchase some of these amazing products as souvenirs to take back home.

Learn pottery

Let your hands be full of clay and your mind and hearts full of imagination! Pottery is a relaxing hobby that taps into your senses and develops your skills.

Peek into bai’s traditional lifestyle and culture 

Have a slice-of-life experience of the real people of Dubai! You can get to know about the age-old traditions that have been passed down by families from generation to generation. You get to have a dose of ethnicity in here. This is a cut above the rest, way different from the lavish city life, and gives you a more rooted traditional side of Dubai.  

Pearl diving industry in Dubai

One of the best things you can do at the Heritage And Diving Village in Dubai is to learn about the vast pearl diving industry, that has been a part of the Dubai tradition for many years.  The procedure involves a ship of 60 people, including a captain, divers,  and other staff as well that go on a month-long expedition in search of these precious stones.

Cultural performances

Folk art like singing and dancing is performed here.  Men, women, and children dress up in traditional costumes. They come up with a show to entertain visitors that includes belly dancing as an example of exotic performances.

Food and Drink

Hummus which is made out of chickpeas with olive oil and garlic is a very popular dish in Dubai. Shawarma, a traditional Arabic delicacy must not be missed out too! It is a a roll filled with chicken, vegetables and garlic spread. There can be other kinds of meat of your choice to replace the chicken. Seafood options are available too.

Iranian tea is served in the village. It is a black tea that is usually consumed with biscuits or traditional Arabian sweets. Drinking Iranian tea is a sure way to refresh yourself.

Seafood is also abundant in the village since it has a diving industry. They grill and spice this seafood with some local spices and herbs.  You are sure to have a flavor explosion in your mouth. You will never want to miss this rare experience!

A Revisit to the City’s Past

Heritage and Diving Village is a complex of reconstructions that enables visitors to be transported to the past memories of the city.  Tourists and locals alike become ever eager to enter this enticing attraction. People are filled with excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm as they get to delve deeper into the rich culture of Dubai and revisit remnants of the past.

Heritage and Diving Village, Al Mina Road,
Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 515 5000

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