HeliDubai to take to the skies again with some deals

by DubaiCity Author

HeliDubai helidubaiis all set to reopen and show how magnificent the city of Dubai is – right from a thousand feet in the air. Enjoy and get to celebrate all that they are offering a cool 40 per cent discount on its tours and there are four options to pick from: the 12-minute Iconic tour is now costing Dhs388, the 17-minute Palm tour is Dhs488, the 22 minute Vision tour is Dhs627 and the 40-minute Odyssey Tour is Dhs1103.

HeliDubai is working towards keeping all things safe. On the day of your flight, head to Dubai Police Academy in Jumeirah arriving 45 minutes before your takeoff time. The HeliDubai minivan outside the academy will take you to the venue where you will have your temperature taken and given a pair of gloves. You’ll need your Emirates ID or passport for the registration after which you will watch a safety demonstration and helidubaihanded a sanitised life vest. Your weight will be taken and accordingly, you will be allocated a seat on the helicopter. Your personal belongings will be kept safe in a sanitised locker and you are allowed to carry your mobile phone for photos. Only certain DSLR cameras are allowed onboard so check with the team beforehand. The team will be available to guide you outdoors where you will get to wait to board the helicopter. After sanitising the seats, the team will securely buckle you in and get the headset in place. Take-off is comfortable and once you’re up in the skies, the pilot will point out important landmarks during the tour. After you land, you will be escorted away by the team while being videoed and photographed by the HeliDubai staff. You can remove your mask band mile.  All the staff members wear masks including the pilot, and they are well trained and will safely guide you through the entire process from start to finish for an enjoyable experience.

HeliDubai, helidubaithe UAE’s premier helicopter operator offers a wide range of services from tours, corporate and VIP charters, aerial filming and photography. HeliDubai Commercial, has established its brand extensively, both locally and internationally. The Aerial Film unit has positioned itself as the “go to” company for Hollywood and the overall film industry. The HeliDubai Engineering division has diligently maintained the fleets of the Police, Civil Defence, Commercial and the VIP fleets on a 24/7 basis.

HeliDubai continues to strive and deliver extra quality service and optimum safety to all its guests. With this achievement, HeliDubai would like to thank each and everyone who support and believe in the company.


Dubai Police Academy
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 208 1455
Web: www.helidubai.com

Photo courtesy: www.helidubai.com


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