Head Down to Warehouse 4 at Al Quoz for WrestleFest DXB’s Next Face-Off

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Event and Date: WrestleFest DXB/ July 8, 2023
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Are you ready for an electrifying showdown of strength, skill, and pure entertainment? WrestleFest DXB is gearing up for its next epic event, and you will not want to miss it! On 8 July, head down to Warehouse 4 at Al Quoz for a wrestling extravaganza that will leave you breathless.

The Stars of WrestleFest DXB

Moreover, WrestleFest DXB showcases some of the most talented professional wrestlers from around the world. This time, prepare yourself for an unforgettable clash featuring acclaimed Emirati fighter Shaheen, Dubai World Tag Team Champions Jay Blade and Zephyr, and the sensational Dutch sensation Johnny Evers. In addition, these incredible athletes will go head-to-head, pushing their limits and battling it out for glory.

A Spectacle of Action-Packed Matches

Furthermore, everyone is invited to get ready for a night filled with adrenaline-pumping action. WrestleFest DXB delivers a series of gripping matches. Apart from that, ringside seats offer the perfect vantage point to witness the intense athleticism, bone-crushing moves, and awe-inspiring displays of strength. Therefore, from gravity-defying aerial maneuvers to bone-rattling slams, these pro wrestlers will stop at nothing to claim victory.

Unleash Your Inner Fan

Initially, if you are a die-hard wrestling fan or simply someone who appreciates the artistry and athleticism of the sport, it is the place to be. In addition to that, you can feel the energy in the air as the crowd roars with excitement, cheering on their favorite competitors. Let your voice be heard as you root for the wrestler who has captured your heart, and witness their journey to triumph.

Middle East’s Premier Wrestling Meet

The event stands as the Middle East’s premier wrestling event, attracting fans from all walks of life. With its thrilling matches, charismatic personalities, and larger-than-life spectacle, this is the ultimate destination for wrestling enthusiasts in the region. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this historic event that combines the best of sports and entertainment.

Doors Open at 6pm

Mark your calendars and set your alarms! The doors to Warehouse 4 at Al Quoz will swing open at 6pm on 8 July, granting you access to an evening of unparalleled excitement. Arrive early to secure the best seats in the house and immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere that only WrestleFest DXB can deliver.


Witness a thrilling wrestling event that promises non-stop action, awe-inspiring athleticism, and unforgettable moments. Whether you are a lifelong fan or a curious newcomer, this is your chance to witness the clash of titans and experience the magic of professional wrestling. Do not miss out on this epic showdown at Warehouse 4 in Al Quoz on 8 July. Secure your seat ringside and get ready to be captivated by the world of WrestleFest DXB.

Date: July 8, 2023


Warehouse 4
Dubai-United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 55 455 4441
Web: https://tickets.virginmegastore.me/ae/sports/19937/wrestlefest-dxb

Phot courtesy: https://tickets.virginmegastore.me/ae/sports/19937/wrestlefest-dxb.


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