Fikafika is a unique concept, an absolute state of mind, an attitude and an integral part of Swedish culture.

Many Swedes consider that it is essential to make time for fika every day. It just means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a small bite to eat. A ritual is loved by Swedes, so much so that the concept of fika is ingrained into the very fabric of the society – both social and commercial. In fact, researchers consistently reaffirm the notion that Fika reduces stress amongst employees, enhancing wellness and opening the mind. It is a social encounter, where connections with each other are as important as the food as itself.

Chef Izuchef izu has been inspired by this special philosophy and infused it with his own perspective and passion for refined, wholesome cuisine to present an experience that is delightful and for guests through simple, honest dishes, served in a charming and elegant social environment.

An impressive fitness facility at Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Fika by chef Izu Ani has described a menu of clean indulgence, the acclaimed local chef who wants to serve dishes that “nourish the mind, body and soul”. Chef Izu’s restaurants always has the bread among the highlights andnd Fika is no exception. A freshly baked selection of four options is presented to diners. For mains, the linguine aragosta is a generous bowlful of linguine that’s uncomplicated and delicious. Grilled king prawns can be cooked in black garlic and harissa marinade and then served back in their shell, the fresh simple flavours sing.

Fika decor fikais chic with neutral palette of cream chairs, white marble tables and wooden accents, interrupted only by a bright lemon-yellow painting. However, the fresh fish display on ice has baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables, and gives the restaurant  a welcome feel. The outdoor terrace is wonderful that overlooks the lap pool and garden, with the Burj Al Arab serving as a picturesque backdrop behind. The Mediterranean menu offers twists on Greek, Spanish, Italian and French dishes, along with a handful of Dubai dishes that seem to make it on every new restaurant’s menu. Diners must try chocolate mousse, vanilla panna cotta topped with banana and mango compote and a crunchy hazlenut and almond crumble. Fika’s menu, and all the dishes are some of Izu’s finest.

Daily: 08:30 – 22:00 (23:00 Thurs & Fri)

FIKA Dubai

Jumeriah Beach Hotel
Beach Road
Jumeirah St
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 04 406 8700

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