Experience the Magic of Najwa Karam: A Night Out of Lebanese Music

by Dubai City

Najwa Karam has been an iconic Lebanese singer on the pop music scene since the early 1990s. She has gained worldwide fame for her unique vocal style and powerful live performances that combine classical Arabic and Mediterranean musical influences with modern stylings. In addition, Karam records mainly in Arabic but has also released songs in other languages, including English and French. Moreover, she is widely regarded as one of the best-selling Middle Eastern singers ever, with a legion of fans both in her native Lebanon and around the world. Furthermore, with over 26 million albums sold and 23 World Music Awards, Najwa Karam is undoubtedly one of the most revered artists in contemporary Arab music.

Her  Music

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam is an incredibly successful and influential artist in the Middle East. Her music has captivated audiences with its passionate lyrics and rousing beats. In addition to glamour, the style unites a diverse range of nationalities within Arab culture. People of all ages, countries, and backgrounds come together to celebrate her songs; “Ya Hayya Yalabina,” “Mish Adireh Menak,” and “Addely Eih” are just some examples of the anthems that echo throughout the region. In addition, during a crisis, Karam works to bridge divides, heal divides, and foster peace amongst fractured communities by connecting people through the healing power of music.

Her Influence

Furthermore, Najwa Karam has pioneered the Arabic music scene for over two decades. Continuously topping charts and captivating audiences across the region. Do not miss your chance to see the iconic singer live in concert at the Dubai Opera on 10 March 23! Secure your tickets now to be part of an unforgettable show and experience the beauty of Najwa’s powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Join us for an exciting evening of entertainment, joy, beautiful lighting, and memorable music.

Her Journey

Experiencing the magical music of Lebanese icon Najwa Karam is a night like no other. From her traditional Lebanese compositions to her modern style, Karam takes listeners on a journey of rhythm and passion. With numerous awards to her name, over 60 million records sold worldwide, and successful appearances as a judge on all six seasons of Arabs Got Talent, Karam has cemented her place as the reigning queen of the Arabic music industry. Expect a crowd-pleasing show with hits like El Layli Laylitna, Ktir Helou, and Beirut.

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