Experience an Exquisite Blend of Indian Cuisine and Culture at The Crossing, Dubai’s Finest!

by Dubai City

The Crossing at The H Hotel is a place of festivities of the Indian’s rich culture and diversity. As they say, ” Modern Indian cuisine, that’s what you are here for!”. Dubai is known not only for its marvelous engineering but also for its first-class and Michelin Stars Restaurants. And speaking of which, culture has always been a significant factor to consider when finding an authentic Indian restaurant.

The Crossing aims to bring back lost Indian authentic cuisines and ingredients to create a new story where traditional and classics collide and stand side by side with forgotten recipes. Truly embodying the promise to bring happiness to every guest as they try to coordinate the flavors, influences and recipes from across India.

Located on the ground floor of the H Hotel, it is the former location of Moombai & Co, also an Indian restaurant. The overall ambience of the place is light and airy. A large dining room will welcome the guest with many circular tables that set the scene for a menu intended to be shared. Moreover, small plates, grills, grains and curries are all over the area so that guests can try a bit of everything, in what order they choose to order.

Curious now? So were we. Dishes here are diverse. The restaurant upholds mainstream Indian cuisine but continues to elevate and  showcase its more offbeat side with food from the Rajput kitchens. Known as the gem of Northeast India, the kitchen has simple yet robust recipes from India’s massive coastline.

It also highlights foreign influences from the Caribbean, Portugal, France, and Great Britain that significantly found their way into Indian cuisine. The modern plating crafted cocktails, and well-curated wine will make your dining experience extra special.


There are a couple of small dishes you can choose from; The Gunpowder Prawns dish is a must-try. It is made from fresh prawns, butter-pepper-garlic and gunpowder masala. You can also have Scallop Bean Thoran, made from Edamame, green beans, coconut and chilli masala.

If you are a grilled-food lover, you can try Lamb Chop (from Silver Fern, Farm, New Zealand), Chicken Makhan Malai, and Bengali Mustard Fish. Curry has been associated with Indian food throughout the ages. It would be best to never leave the place without trying their famous Walima Korma (N), Caribbean Goat Curry, Mangalorean Chicken, and Mango Curry.


Who is not familiar with Roti? A tandoor oven-baked ancient grains bread. Baqar Khani, Lacca Paratha and Manglorean Bun a matured banana bread fennel and cumin, Fried.


Satisfy your cravings with these must-try sweets: Creeme Brulee, Malai Kesar Sundae, Chocolate Bar and Dahi Boondi- a low sugar, eastern India classic, curd parfait ice and sweet boondi. Must be served cold.


  • Signature Cocktails
  • Signature Mocktails
  • Single Malts
  • Japanese Single Malt
  • Indian Single Malt
  • Wine
  • Whisky & Bourbon
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Brandy & Cognac
  • Vermouth
  • Liqueurs
  • Beer and Softdrinks
  • Tea, Coffee and Juices

Enjoying a meal at The Crossing is like taking a nostalgic journey across India, crossing their borders while allowing your palate to appreciate the best of Indian culinary practices and influences.

Food is everybody’s comfort. And choosing the right place to celebrate, distress and spend time with someone is sometimes challenging. So it is important to plan ahead and book a reservation.

Opening Hours

Open Daily
Lunch: 12:00 – 15:30
Dinner: 18:30 – 1:00


The Crossing at The H Hotel
The H Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre
Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 491 9695
Web: https://crossingtherestaurant.com/

Photo courtesy: https://crossingtherestaurant.com/



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