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Discover the untamed beauty of the Arabian desert in Dubai with ultimate dune buggy tours!

Dubai is a notable place recognized for unorthodox and innovational techniques of turning the most monotonous things into something ultramodern and functional, including the parched deserts around the country! The golden deserts around Dubai attract adrenaline junkies from across the world, with adventure lying at the top of each perfectly formed dune. An endless sea of sand makes the perfect playground for nature enthusiasts too, with everything from camels to gazelles often spotted.

Buggy tours in Dubai are the ultimate way to explore, offering an up-close and personal encounter with the desert. Here’s all you need to know about the experience.

Most Popular Buggy Tours in Dubai

Desert safari buggy tour in Dubai
Get behind the wheel of a buggy and zoom about the desert like a pro. You’ll climb enormous dunes and slide down the other side in your powerful machine. You can travel alone, by two with the twin-seater buggy, or take this on to challenge your circle of friends!

Participants will travel in convoy on this group tour while your guide shows you the best routes. Some excursions offer complimentary sandboarding too. Driving across the desert might be your wildest adventure yet, but never fret, your safety will never be compromised.

The tour will exhaust you like no other, but the fun will not stop. Take a quick break, grab a drink, and be ready for the next round. Master the desert with the Buggy tours. 

Dune buggy tour with barbeque and live entertainment
This is one of the most atmospheric buggy tours in Dubai. You’ll enjoy a thrilling ride among the dunes, before having a go at sand surfing. After the ride, guests shall be dropped off at their hotels, but Buggy tours suggest a different theme of relaxation. The adventure doesn’t stop. Energies and spirits will be recharged at the desert camp. There, an amazing buffet dinner awaits, with a live show to keep you entertained.

Meet new people or spend the night with your group! Buggy tours are best at making people create fun memories with their loved ones, and building newfound friendships.

Moonlight buggy tours
Power over moonlit dunes on this thrilling night adventure – it’s one of Dubai’s most epic buggy excursions! You will bounce along the rugged desert, stopping for campfire snacks beneath the starry night sky.

An off-road ride under the moonlight gives a different kind of vibe. Guests of all ages will feel the thrill like they are back on being teens! Nightlife is not all about the tunes inside bars and high ceilings. Instead of DJs, the loud sound of the monster buggy will keep you alive with overwhelming excitement. 

Buggy safari with private dinner
After your rip-roaring Dubai buggy tour, you’ll be treated to an exclusive dinner in the middle of the desert. 

Settle down on your blanket and watch the sun setting behind the dunes. Then tuck into Arabic barbecue delicacies and maybe some shisha.

Arrange a day with a buggy tour, bring your partner or closest friends, and treat them to a private dinner. The tour is designed to strengthen relationships. Talk and laugh about your ride experiences or relax and savor the moment of tranquility.

Buggy tour with camel ride
An off-road tour across Dubai’s dessert will never be complete without camels as your buddy for an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Combine the best of both worlds with a camel trek after your buggy experience. Feel like an explorer as you plod silently across the sand on your trusty ship of the desert. You can feed the camels afterward as a reward for their efforts!

Sandboarding and a desert dinner are often included so you won’t miss another exquisite version of the tour.

Make sure to take loads of pictures during the ride and relive the moment like you are back in ancient times!

Buggy tour with dune bashing
Rough terrains and ridges are abundant and these are perfect for a more stimulating adventure. You can ride ridge carriages or quad bikes to an epic ride of a lifetime!

Enjoy a special dessert roller-coaster ride as you are driven over the golden peaks on an epic dune-bashing adventure. Then hop in a buggy and have a go yourself! These combo tours are designed with thrill-seekers in mind.

You’ll surely never mind the dust and sand over your head after the ride. With numerous adventure alternatives, you will leave with a smile. 

Private Dubai buggy tour
These exclusive Dubai buggy tours are a luxurious way to explore the desert. To those who love outdoor escapades, but only with selected people, a private Dubai buggy tour is designed to treat every guest with extra special services. You will have your private guide and buggies, as well as dinner and a show in the evening after your adventure.

This is perfect for lovers or couples who seek a different type of bonding adventure, as well. After the private ride, you may enjoy the rest of the night exclusively. Best to consider the private tour in your honeymoon itinerary this year! Bring home the unique captured memories at the tour. 

How much do buggy tours in Dubai cost?
The prices for buggy tours in Dubai are generally per vehicle, which has space for two participants.  Transfers are usually included, although a few excursions ask you to make your way to the departure point.

Desert buggy rides in Dubai start at $136 for 2 hours, rising to $204 for 4 hours, and $272 for 6 hours. Excursions include soft drinks, safety gear, and often sandboarding. This is perfect for groups or families who only wanted a moment away from the city. 

Dubai buggy safaris with barbecue and a live show cost from $201 to $272 depending on the length of the tour. For a buggy ride with a private dinner expect to pay $574 for 7 hours of adventure. 

The moonlight buggy excursions are priced at $356 for a 2-hour jaunt. Campfire snacks are included.

Combination tours with buggy excursions and camel rides cost from $190 per person for 4 hours. Sandboarding and dinner are often included. The buggy tours with dune bashing are $165 for a 4-hour trip.

On the other hand, private 5-hour Dubai buggy tours cost $285 and include luxury transfers and your guide.

Buggy tours are essentially relative to the type of service, vehicle, or set of tours. Nevertheless, the costs and your supposed ride will all be worth it. Try these tours and be one to attest to the great experience!

Which places are seen on buggy tours in Dubai?
Buggy rides in Dubai are a fun way to discover the delights of the Arabian desert, which lies just outside the glittering city. Here’s what you can expect to see during your tour.

Lahab Desert
The Lahab Desert is one of the most stunning landscapes surrounding Dubai. The dunes glow red in the sun, towering high with some incredible views from the top. The sea of sand stretches as far as the eye can see, giving a real sense of wilderness and adventure.

Thanks to its accessibility, this is one of the most popular locations in the country for camel treks, dune bashing, sandboarding, as well as Dubai buggy tours.

Mleiha Desert
Next door to Lahab is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mleiha, which is home to several internationally renowned archaeological sites. If you look hard enough, you’ll see Bronze Age tombs and pre-Islamic fortresses.

Mleiha is a popular hang-out with locals and little-visited by foreign tourists, which gives it a thrilling “unexplored” feel. The vast tracts of soft sand sit in the shadow of the Jebel Faya mountains, with highlights including the humorously shaped Camel Rock.

Fossil Rock
Keep an eye out for Fossil Rock as you take a spin around the Mleiha Desert. You can spot this iconic landform from 25 kilometers away. The fossils found in the crevices here reveal the intriguing story of early marine life from long ago when this area was beneath the sea. Feast your eyes with these unique features! Buggy tours allow you to appreciate nature and what’s lying on the dry dunes of Dubai.

How long does a buggy tour in Dubai last?
Dubai buggy excursions are between 1-7 hours long, depending on which other activities you want to include on your tour. Make sure you saved and reserved a day for this escapade.

Most trips that focus solely on buggy rides tend to be 2-3 hours in length, while the combination tours with camel rides, camp dinners, and live shows are longer. Allow 2-4 hours for night buggy tours in Dubai.

In between these tours, you may ask to take breaks to relax before heading on for another trip. The longer the trip, the better.

Where do buggy tours in Dubai leave from?
Most buggy tours in Dubai offer convenient hotel transfers in air-conditioned vehicles, so you won’t take extra measures to hassle your relaxation day. Check with your provider to ensure your hotel is on the list.

Some excursions ask you to make your way to the meeting point on the edge of the desert, which is usually the operator’s office. You can easily take a taxi here from your hotel. 

When is the best time for a buggy tour in Dubai?
You can sign up for buggy rides in Dubai at any time of year. Guests often celebrate wonderful occasions at the camp after the ride. However, we strongly recommend avoiding the summer when scorching temperatures make visiting the desert uncomfortable.

Most people travel to Dubai between November and March when temperatures are glorious, and the skies are sunny. Make sure you book well ahead as this is peak season.

The buggy tours take place throughout the day, with the mornings and evenings being the coolest times to explore. Make sure to wear clothes appropriate for the tour and the weather, and bring something to warm you up at night, or fancier clothes of your choice for parties.

Note that during the month of Ramadan, live entertainment and alcohol will not be available on the evening excursions.

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