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Dubai Coffee Museum

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Coffee dubai coffee museumis one of the most popular beverages in the world. A freshly brewed cup of Arabic coffee is also is widely consumed throughout the UAE and the Middle East.

The Dubai Coffee Museum is the ideal spot to discover the history of coffee and its journey into the Middle East.

There are many attractions at the museum that uncover several secrets behind one of the most popular beverages in the world. Dubai Coffee Museum allows visitors to learn and explore an assortment of coffee. Visitors can also experience different coffee cultures such as Egyptian, Ethiopian and Arabic.

The coffee coffee museummuseum is a great place to learn about the entire process, from beans selection through to roasting, along with the brewing techniques that are unique to each culture. The coffee museum has information that goes to the legend of Kaldi, a shepherd known for discovering the first ever-coffee bean and coffee’s long journey into the Middle East from the mountains of Ethiopia.

Visitors to the museum can also experience old utensils and cups used for the production, brewing, and drinking of coffee. Antique exhibits at Dubai Coffee Museum showcase the antique utensils from that era. The entire ground floor of the museum presents the Majlis and the Middle Eastern Antique exhibit. The intricately restored Majlis offer a glimpse of the traditional Emirati style of coffee museum There are coffee table with antique coffee cups and other utensils that take you back in time to witness Emirati culture and hospitality. The Middle Eastern Antique Exhibit has artefacts related to coffee in the UAE. You can see antique coffee grinders, roasters, pots, kettles, weighing scales, sorting trays and other coffee memorabilia. The main hall at the Coffee Museum allows how coffee is produced and consumed around the globe. The first floor of the museum has a selection of books about coffee dating back to the 18th century. These books are from the personal collection of the house owner made available for fellow coffee buffs who wish to learn more about the popular brew. They also have some audio-visual guides which are well worth a watch.

The coffee museumKids Corner at the Coffee Museum is a fun area hosting activities to keep them entertained. A museum gift shop, the Dubai Coffee Museum has a much-needed souvenirs to take back home. Pick up the ideal gifts for your friends and loved ones. The shop has barista equipment, latte art pens, books about roasting techniques with recipes, and you can even treat yourself to some fine coffee beans.

Learn about the origins of coffee at the Dubai Coffee Museum, located in on of Dubai’s heritage spots – the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood in Bur Dubai. The Dubai Coffee Museum is minutes away from the Al Fahidi Metro Station.

Sat – Thurs: 09:00 to 17:00

The museum is closed on Fridays.

Coffee Museum

Historical Neighborhood, Bastakiya
Villa 44 – Al Hisn St – Al Fahidi
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 353 8777

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