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Souk Al Marfa is the largest market in the heart of Dubai and was created in partnership between Nakheel Malls and DP World, the leading provider of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics. It has over 400 shops and pavilions and gives traders affordable growth opportunities.

Most consumers go to the market for healthier and fresher foods, seasonal foods and look for a better variety of foods. Some of these are organic foods, pasture-raised meats, free-range eggs and poultry, handmade farmstead cheeses, and many less transport-immune cultivars disfavored by large grocers. There are also limitless options of products such as hot food, groceries, household and cleaning products, electronics, jewelry, pet Food, pet treats, and Accessories. Here in Souk Al Marfa, consumers get a whole lot of these kinds of products, plus traders gain benefits with their business model.

Souk al Marfa is strategically located in the north of Dubai in the Deira islands and is close to the Dubai airport, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates. It is directly connected to Mina Rashid, giving traders to ship directly to its pavilions. Business people can also have several benefits including 100% foreign ownership, logistical ease, ancillary amenities, repatriation of capital and profit, and minimal paperwork.

Souk al Marfa is establishing a business with an easy re-exporting model. It has its focus on small business owners and trading. The wholesale trade buy-sell experience is promoted in this market and traders can save and protect cash flows, and go directly to the consumers.

This New Waterfront Wholesale Market is airconditioned and geared with facilities to create a more comfortable environment. Storage facilities access is also near the pavilions.

Still rooted in Dubai’s deepest traditions, it is a new bustling modern market that is worth checking out! This is definitely something to add to your bucket list, as it is the largest wholesale souk located in Deira Islands! With a wide variety of shops and food spots & a 1.9km waterfront view, this offers everything from spices to fashion, flavors, carpets, lights. electronics, fragrances, gaming and so much more than your heart can desire!

Save some time to visit Souk Al Marfa and get amazed and satisfied with a whole new shopping experience.

Deira Islands,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +971 800 6254335

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