Discover Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar– Where History, Culture and Community Unite

by Dubai City

Discover a place of peace and tolerance. This is Dubai. Home to people from all walks of life, Dubai offers an open door to everyone and proudly respects each culture’s traditions and faith. In addition, you will find churches, temples, and mosques standing side by side as a symbol of harmony and understanding. So whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sikh, or any other faith, you can feel at home in Dubai city. A place that celebrates diversity and creates a world where we can live and thrive together in peace. Therefore, everyone can explore the new possibilities in this flourishing cultural melting pot; experience the beauty of culture, heritage, and faith thru Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar.

Spacious Prayer Halls

Located in the heart of Dubai stands a beacon of religious tolerance, peace, and spirituality. The Gurudwara is one of the most beautiful and serene worship places. In addition, the place brings people together regardless of their faith. Its unique structure makes it stand out within the city skyline. Thanks to its striking white dome and intricate blue tilework. Inside, visitors are welcome and can experience the atmosphere of ease and warmth. Aside from that, every corner is perfectly designed, with sunlit courtyards, archways with colorful lights, and modern amenities.

Daily Spiritual Activities

At Guru Nanak Darbar, the second-floor prayer auditorium is the perfect environment for reflection and meditation. It is large enough to accommodate over 5000 devotees. In the place you can find a holy book, a comfortable mat that allows supporters to sit peacefully. And, an introspection area that will help everyone find the peace of mind they wanted. If someone wants to take their spiritual journey further, its library offers books from many cultures and religions. It allows devotees to read and contemplate and if visitors need respite from the heat outside, the water promenade guarantees a calm atmosphere.

Services for Devotees

Experience divine blessings at Guru Nanak Darbar. Hundreds of devotees come together every morning and evening to share in this holy temple’s spiritual energy. Devotees can feel the peace as hymns fill the air, and their spirit is lifted in the sense of purpose and community. At Guru Nanak Darbar, everyone can feel the hope of the devoted as they pray together for their well-being, prosperity, and happiness. Whether someone is looking for solace or wants to be surrounded by positive vibrations, Gurudwara Darbar is a place of true serenity.


Celebrate with Guru Nanak Darbar! From devotees flying in from around the UAE to a temple decked in lights, Guru Nanak Darbar will ensure unforgettable festive celebrations. They invite everyone to join them special Langar on each Gurpurab and indulge in delicious vegetarian meals, including robust Sabzi, fluffy Rotis, warm Dal, colorful salads, and sweet desserts. The community kitchen is open to all, so join the festivities. Visit and enjoy Guru Nanak Darbar this season. Please click here to learn the etiquettes to be observed while inside the sacred place.

Daily: 04:30 – 20:30


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