Defy gravity at Clymb Abu Dhabi

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Try Clymb Abu Dhabito get adventurous inside the skydive chamber, or climb the Himalayan wall, Clymb Abu Dhabi, lets you decide your challenges and win.

Take a trip to Yas Mall’s popular adventure hub, Clymb – which boasts of record-breaking active attractions. The Flight located on the third floor is the world’s biggest indoor skydiving chamber. The monster wind tunnel is 32 metre high and nearly ten meters in diameter. CLYMB is positioned below the flight chamber and has 16 high power fans giving lumbering land-dwelling sapiens, the pleasure of flight. Clymb is tough – even it’s entry-level activities are physically demanding.

Before clymbyou enter the chamber, as skydivers one must gear-up and go through a safety briefing where they’re introduced to optimal flying postures. After you master from skydive school, the instructor takes you into the chamber where, each individual prepares to challenge physics.
For all those who are not able to participate there’s a birds-eye spectating perch available at Altitude Cafe. A basic package allows two flights, which last a minute each (although it feels much longer). The feeling is of ‘freedom’ or surfing into a gnarly typhoon would feel like. Heart-thumping action with double-chin-flapping, thrilling levels of fun. Have a great time as the activity becomes clear when the instructor takes a spin in the thunderdrome. Watching the skill, artistry and speed of a master of this indoor sport is exhilarating. The room starts with 16 fans, but finishes with a lot more.

Gearclymb up to get more grip chalk to hands for the climbing activity it is about ‘the climb’ aspect of Clymb offers engaging physical and strategic challenges to all skill levels. Beginners can start off, rope-free, traversing across floor-height ‘boulders.’ The walls are equipped with slow-release pulleys, that let you descend in slow-mo after scrambling up like the spider man.

The beginner package includes all of your kit, as well as supervision from instructors.Those wanting to take on intermediate or advanced walls, where routes up the artificial cliff-face are a little tougher. You’ll get to face against uneven surfaces and finger-testing overhangs.

Just like the skydiving experience, it’s entertaining, especially if you go in a group with your competitive friends.

Sun to Thurs: 11:00 – 22:00
Fri & Sat: 12:00 – 23:00

Clymb Abu Dhabi

Yas Island – Yas Dr St
Jazeerat Yas – Yas Mall (by Ferrari World entrance),
Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 60 051 1115

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