Covent Garden Market Dubai

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At Covent Garden Market Dubai, you will get to acquaint yourself with a well-designed kiosk environment with a selection of fashion accessories, airbrush tattoos, embroidered items, novelties, gifts, souvenirs, and a lot more.  Covent Garden Market Dubai has been on top since its launch of the first outdoor market of its kind in 2005. It has its reputation for launching and operating successful markets. It has an impressive portfolio of past and current clients that include Dubai properties, Meraas, Nakheel, and Emaar. 

Covent Garden Market Dubai has extended its offers to mall activation, in-door kiosk management, festive Markets & events, and pocket shop build & management.  It operates under Al Deyafa Trading License in Dubai and Al Manhal Bridge Accessories Trading LLC license in Abu Dhabi. 

Shopping at Covent Garden Market Dubai is an atypical outdoor retail experience, similar to the famous Covent Garden Market in London. It offers an alternative to Dubai’s popular mall. Situated at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, its beachside is stunning! Covent Garden Market features over 50 artists and their works, fashion designers, artisans, jewelers,  environment-friendly products suppliers, and artisans. The market offered a wealth of ideas in a well-designed kiosk environment that gives pleasure to shop around and indulge.

This open-air venue lets you reminisce street markets to but the specialty items you desire! At the same time, you may also enjoy the performances of street entertainers at one of Covent Garden’s locations that happens to be a seafront, unique to Dubai.

On some days, there is also operatic music here and a quartet of strings to accompany first-time visitors. You can also have a lovely lunch of mixed dishes.

It is a good thing too that they are open to leasing to entrepreneurs. When leasing in a Mall, it is often required to invest in a kiosk, provide a 25% security deposit along with quarterly rent checks. Whereas Covent Garden Market Dubai provides the kiosk and everything needed to get started and assist wherever possible with a smaller deposit and monthly checks. It also provides a cost-effective solution for designers or small businesses to test their products in the Market place before entering into a long-term contract with a mall.

Variety is another advantage of the mall. There are specialty stores, such as candle stores, bath and beauty stores, and music and video stores. These are the mall’s anchors and there are also “odd stores” for those eccentric shoppers who are looking for different items.

The on-site shopping market provides the always important human and personal touch. Online businesses have been the “IN” thing especially because of the recent global situation. However, as the world starts to re-open, people long to shop where they can have an actual conversation with employees and store personnel. It is still unbeatable to talk to a live person to ask for any questions about products. These advantages are things that online shopping cannot give.

Pay the Covent Garden Market a visit and enjoy yourselves with plenty of wonderful sights to see and things to buy! Happy shopping! 

Covent Garden Market is at:
Al Seef St – Al Hamriya – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Beach Residences – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Festival City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Mon-Sun- 10:00-12:00

Tel.: +971 4 3255123, +971 52 258 1060

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