camel station

Camel Station

by DubaiCity Author

Presenting camel stationa brand-new dimension to casual dining, Camel Station purely reflects love and passion for food.

Camel Station is an upscale unique venue serving up all-star comfort grub favourites. The recently opened Camel Station welcomes guests to try one thing only – camel. The sophisticated restaurant is vibrant with beautiful artistic attraction with minimalist furnishings and a spacious outdoor terrace that will sure to be popular during winter months.

Striking in every way, their menu is great with features boasting of the novelty of serving camel. The intriguing concept comes with the Middle East – camel stationCamel Station offers delicious options with many delicacies starring the ships of the desert. Diners keen to try out camel meat can begin by trying out dishes, along with burgers, pizzas, fries covered with cheese and sprinkled with beef bacon. Food served here is comforting, Camel Station has it all. Served in good time, the portions are large and sizable amounts. Camel meat in the venue’s signature burger, patties are slender with a good bite to it. An overwhelming portion comes with a good amount of melted cheese and sauce.The venue does have the potential and will be known for serving up delicious, upscale comfort grub.

The camel stationsignature meat offers more bite from a regular beef burger, so diners have something unique to taste ad relish. Upscale novelty venue serves up all-star comfort grub favourites.

Camel Station has been portraying the symbol of the classic Emirati heritage and combining it with the modern and ever-changing Emirati future.

Camel Station

Downtown Dubai, Financial Center Rd
Along Sheik zayed road, next to Burj Khalifa tower
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 56 535 4518

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