BUUR, A German Café in Dubai

by DubaiCity Author

The multi-venue dining destination, the Pavilion in the buzzing JBR, is home to the chic German café BUUR. Opening its doors in Dubai for the first time, the well-known brand hailing from Germany is recognised for its unique breakfast and brunch dishes around Cologne, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. The newly opened cafe boasts a 300-seat capacity across a two-story dining hall, an elegant bar and a shisha lounge. The indoor space opens to an air-conditioned terrace within the Pavilion, lined with gorgeous greenery, where most guests choose to dine.

One of the highlights is diners can avail of the menu via a QR code that reveals continental Breakfast/Lunch options, special offers, and an Iranian/Lebanese Dinner selection. According to reviews, diners are amazed that if they clicked on a specific dish, they were also offered recommended items that would go best with their preferred choice. Adept in modern Middle Eastern mezze and food from the European nation, the café is freshly aesthetic in its food and décor. Despite Dubai being the home to Middle Eastern cuisine, Cafe BUUR’s newly conceptualised brunch menu tastes of well-thought-out recipes and cuisines that include the traditional Turkish classics with Buur’s take on it.

The table will be covered with an array of appetisers, including a velvety Hummus, warm pitta bread that diners could not resist and a moreish Kashke bademjan (eggplant dip) served in its skin. Picture rich, smashed and whipped aubergine, topped with onion chips, garlic mint oil and sour yoghurt, adorned with pomegranate. In addition, a large skewer of Shish tawook and Koobide kebab on a bed of flatbread is a must-try, accompanied by Tahchin (Iranian rice dish) with barberries and Saffron rice tahdig (scorched rice dish) is perfect. According to a review, “the tahdig was downright delectable, with aromatic saffron butter notes shining through its crunchy caramelised layer, while the tahchin was an elaborate preparation featuring roasted pistachios and almonds. The Shish tawook (chicken kebabs) skewers were served with a side of toum, and every piece was cooked to perfection, while the Koobide kebabs (minced meat kebabs) were as delicious as ever.” Please click here to view its entire menu.

With its stylish setting, an inviting ambience and fabulous food and beverages, BUUR is great for no-frills dinners with friends, a night out on the town with your partner and fun family gatherings. Parents will also be happy to know that there is a special kids’ section on the menu, so do take the kids along. “In Dubai, their brunch staples in servings are fulfilling and grandeur. The menu is seasonal, unadulterated and expansive. Taste-wise, they know what will appeal to their patrons, and they are already trying to make the dishes local in taste. ” one satisfied client posted.

Daily: 09:00 – 01:00

BUUR Brunch & Dinner
Pavilion at The Beach – opposite JBR
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel:  +971 4 456 0477
Web: https://buur.ae/

Photo courtesy: https://buur.ae/


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