Butcha Steakhouse and Grill butchais a Turkish-born steakhouse – offers an accessible and affordable place to get a high quality cut of meat down at The Beach.

The venue is spacious and designed with urban and industrial details that makes it stylish and modern. The menu offers wagyu and dry-aged options for almost all cuts, plus burgers and sliders, as well as plates with an Turkish twist, such as a lokum burger and sojouk. The 220g cut of tenderloin steak is well made with butter, full of flavour, with sea salt and smoky char adding flavour. Reasonably priced, it’s not just delicious but one of the best offers sampled in Dubai. The side dishes are extraordinary, with a well made steak.

Butcha Steakhouse and butchaGrill combines the values of a local butcher’s shop with a restaurant where meat lovers can experience flavourful dishes cooked to perfection on wood fire and char-grills. Serving a wide variety of beef steaks, meat chops, prime ribs and veal cuts are also available to purchase in Butcha’s in-house butcher shop, providing quality meat for at-home dining. Butcha is exceptional. The first of its kind in Dubai, Butcha dry ages its beef on-site to give an intense, natural flavor with incredible tenderness. Depending on the chosen type and cut, the meat is prepared over a wood fire or chargrill to cater to each customer’s specification. Grad 8-9 Wagyu is also available here. Offering guidance as to cuts, or those looking to learn a bit about the part of the cow their meal is coming from, which is a life skill of sorts. There’s even a massive diagram of the beast’s anatomy on the wall, if clients are in for a quick learning session.

The butchuniform taste, succulent meat and classic selection of sauces – diners can try blue cheese and mustard offering, which is rare. A range of handmade burgers also feature alongside an ever more substantial, ‘Gourmet selection ‘of select meats. The main piece of Butcha’s show, the Chef’s signature whole tenderloin – a skillfully cooked, colossal sized slab is ideal for four diners. The JBR-based establishment is a great restaurant, serving good cut of meat outside the city’s more up-scale, twice the price, steakhouses. Butcha Steakhouse & Butcher Shop is known for representing the traditional butcher care and taste values. They have branches in Doha, Ankara, İstanbul and also in Dubai.

Butcha Steakhouse and Grill

JBR Beach, Near Sofitel
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 553 0684
Web: www.butcha.com

Photo courtesy: www.butcha.com


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